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Questions tagged [touch-screen]

For questions about using Stack Exchange sites by Touch Input or Screens.

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Touch friendly comments

I have a Windows 8 tablet with a touch screen (Surface pro) using IE10, I do not like to use the mouse a lot since it is touch, SE sites are not really touch friendly and the mobile version looks ugly ...
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Clicking on a spoiler tag to reveal the text shouldn't navigate you to another page

This is an issue I noticed when reading this answer. On multiple occasions I ended up inadvertently clicking a link that I could not see when I was just trying to reveal the spoiler text. Can links ...
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Un-fade low-score answers on click/tap too

Since a couple of weeks ago, answers that are shown grayed out can be un-faded by hovering the mouse over them. This is great especially for users with poor eyesight, who can now read such answers ...
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Tapping on username while commenting after @ symbol with a high probability leads to invalid system response on touch screen devices

It's very hard to correctly select user name while commenting on mobile devices. Even when tap is marked inside the tooltip with username, as the result system decided that I tapped on the link from ...
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Show "Tap to show spoiler" message for spoilers in responsive design

Related question: Should mobile ask for taps on spoilers, not clicks?, but that is about the (deprecated) mobile web interface, not the new responsive design. This feature request is related but ...
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No (convenient) way to change targets order for duplicate on touch screen devices

If you’re a mod or have a gold-tag-badge you can close questions as duplicates of others and modify the list of such targets by clicking “edit” link under the list of target questions. On platforms ...
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Stack Snippet is not supported on mobile devices - time to reconsider it

There have been a couple of cases when I wanted to write an answer on my iPhone and ran into non-working stack snippets editor, only to be greeted with magnificent error: not supported on mobile. Well,...
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Search bar’s tooltip popup hasn’t closing on tapping on many areas

When the top bar tooltip for the search is visible tapping anywhere on marked with FHRC areas doesn’t close the tooltip (FHBC) on my iPad:
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Snippet editor for touch devices can be opened if you show perseverance

Opening a code snippet editor via the button from the toolbar cannot be used on touch screen devices like my iPad, i.e. I see the following notice: But occasionally tapping code snippet button ...
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