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Can I show a hand-crafted flair-like widget on my website?

Can I show the following on my personal website/blog? The white icon on the blue background is taken from fontawesome, so I guess it's ok I use it. Clicking on it redirects to my account, whereas ...
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Malicious app that misuses Stack Overflow trademarks is up on the Google Play Store

Today I came across an Android app which is misusing Stack Overflow's logo and name in the Google Play Store. Users have reported regarding the security issues they have faced and the developer has ...
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Terms of Service begins with "Stack Overflow Network" instead of "Stack Exchange Network"

According to the Trademark Guidelines, the name of the network of Q&A sites is the "Stack Exchange Network". Yet the Terms of Service begins with the word "Stack Overflow Network": There was ...
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137 views incorrectly capitalises link as

At the top of, there is a link to Stack Overflow, however the link is shown as ‘’. However, this capitalisation is incorrect, based on the Trademark Guidance. ...
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"Stack Exchange" is used improperly on reputation league pages

The Reputation Leagues sidebar explains: These friendly reputation leagues are an informal way of tracking your reputation within the community on a particular Stack Exchange. which does not ...
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Official name of the new Jobs site?

I was taking a look at the trademark guidance where it says what the proper use of the Stack Exchange name involves. However, it's not addressing the new jobs site. I believe on careers.stackoverflow....
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StackExchange vs. Stack Exchange [duplicate]

Which spacing is correct? I've seen both being used. Plus, there isn't really anything saying which is correct.
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Company name is wrong in the Trademark Guidelines

The Trademark Guidelines: Proper Use of the Stack Exchange Name There is some confusion around the proper use and context of the Stack Exchange name. Here are some guidelines: Stack Exchange Inc. is ...
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What does “Stack” mean here?

Inspired by a question on English Language Learners: “You know what I like about people?” he asks, staring into the camera. “They stack so well.” He’s been reading newspaper coverage of the carnage ...
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The Denver office violates the trademark guidance

According to Stack Exchange's trademark guidance: The website domain name is always written (no CamelCase, single word capitalization rules apply). However in the semi-recent ...
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Why is it supposed to be Stack Overflow when the logo is stackoverflow?

I've seen it a number of times, whenever someone types "StackOverflow", someone comes along and corrects it to "Stack Overflow" for trademark reasons. I'm just wondering, if that's the case, then why ...
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Is it legal to use Stack Exchange icon as my application icon?

I am developing an Android application which uses the API of Stack Exchange. And what I want is to use the Stack Exchange icon as my application icon. Is it legal to use that icon?
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Would Stack Overflow be in violation of EllisLab's trademarks?

Trademark Use Policy: The sections I am looking at is the Permissible Use section, list item 2 which states: Use the ® trademark registration symbol ...
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Would "Stack Club" generally be ok as a product name?

I have purchased the domain Stack Club. I want to create a new social networking site not related to Stack Exchange or Q&A sites. Would this be generally ok?
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Any chance of some awareness raising on behalf of Python's trademark issues? [closed]

Related Any chance of Stack Exchange blacking out Jan 18, along with Reddit and Wikipedia in opposition of SOPA/PIPA? Van Lindberg, chairman of the Python Software Foundation, posted a "call to ...
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Can I use Stack Exchange logos on a t-shirt or other apparel?

I happened to notice while on the Super User site that one user's picture shows him wearing a shirt with the Super User logo on it. Interested, I wanted to find out where he got it from. Looking ...
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Would this be infringement? [closed]

Would this be copyright or trademark infringement. I am inspired by SE's design, but wanted to check.
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Creating a header bar like Stack Exchange

If I created a headerbar like Stack Exchange/ SO's site, would I be infringing on copyright or trademark? For an example, a dropdown on the left with my own logo, and menu options on the right with a ...
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Apps with Stack Overflow logo on Chrome Web Store and Android Market

I'm developing a Google Chrome extension based on Stack Exchange APIs and it's almost finished. I'm just thinking about my logo and I found a lot of apps on Chrome Web Store and Android Market with ...
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Am I allowed to use the Stack Overflow logo/name in a Game

Looking through the Trademark Guidance page, I am not entirely sure if it would be ok to use the Stack Overflow logo in a simple computer game I plan on developing. The Stack Overflow logo (in the ...
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Is "flair" a Stack Exchange trademark?

I'm not very good with subtlety and this doesn't appear to be in the context of a joke. On my flair page it has the following: It's a piece of valuable flairtm you can place on any website to show ...
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Is typo-squatter "" (no "n") violating Jeff & Joel's intellectual property?

The typo-squatter running "" (note: no "n") puts the name "StackExchange" (WITH the "n") in a couple prominent places on their website. Are they violating Jeff and Joel's copyright/...
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Where should I report trademark infringement or illegal SO clones?

We all love & benefit from SO, and want to help keeping it profitable. How can we help? What counts as trademark infringement: Trademark guidelines What is an illegal SO clone: Copyright ...
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Was Stack Exchange named after Experts Exchange?

Was Stack Exchange named after Experts Exchange, or is the former using the word "Exchange" a coincidence?
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Drinking, SO and Copyright Violation [closed]

Dear MSO users and related staffers... Recently I have taken to drink to cope with wading through boring SO questions to find some juicy nuggets. Unfortunately, this mix of heavy drinking and SO has ...
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Is the URL likely to incur the trademark wrath of the WP Foundation?

More of a critique than anything, but I know the WPF has been fairly militant about their enforcement of the WordPress trademark, so I'm assuming that the URL for the forthcoming WordPress-focused ...
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Does registering [name] violate Stack Overflow's trademark?

I am considering registering a domain name in format. Would doing so violate the trademark of Overflow Internet Services? I ask because "overflow" can be a ...
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How are Stack Exchange sites officially branded?

How are sites in the Stack Exchange network, including Stack Overflow, officially branded? How are their names abbreviated? What conventions should be used in the FAQ? Return to FAQ Index