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Web traffic to Stack Exchange sites. Use for one or more of: the number of Visitors to an SE site, the Pages Viewed, the Posts Modified or created, the Data Transferred, etc

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How do we grow the Server Fault and Super User communities?

Here are the last few weeks of the "visitor" metric per Google Analytics, on each Trilogy site: serverfault....
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Did Stack Exchange's traffic go down since ChatGPT?

I was wondering whether the traffic of Stack Exchange sites went down since the open access to ChatGPT. There is so much gossip in terms of "Will programmers be unnecessary with ChatGPT? Will ...
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What is the total number of hits/day for Stack Overflow?

As Stack Overflow grows day by day and a larger number of people use it daily, what is the total number of hits/day for Stack Overflow?
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Recent site instability, major outages – July/August 2022

On Friday, July 29th, starting at 13:36 UTC, we experienced a very large surge in traffic to our web servers, indicating a DDoS attack. This surge effectively brought down the Stack Exchange Network ...
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Where can I find the number of monthly pageviews for Stack Overflow?

Is there a reliable source for the latest number of page-views receives (not the Stack Exchange network, just that site)? I need a source that I can cite on my research paper.
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Can we add moderator features to see keyword analytics and annotated traffic graphs for specific questions?

Editing is part of Stack Exchange culture. We see a question with a typo – we fix it. Some go further and clarify a question, or add metadata (tags) to a question, or caption an image where ...
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How is the current pandemic negatively affecting some SE sites?

I just read this blog post about the change in traffic due to the pandemic. It's very interesting and I'm grateful to the people who took the time to write it. However, it only talks about SE sites ...
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Why is traffic on some of SE sites stagnant or in decline, and what is the destiny of such sites?

I noticed that some of the SE sites simply declined in terms of new posts in the last several years. Is there any analysis of what these sites are, and reasons why that happened? What would be the ...
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Is the difference between "page views" and "visits" in the site analytics tool documented anywhere?

The Site Analytics tool, accessible to users with 25k reputation or more, includes a "Traffic" graph that has three curves: page views visits new visits I was not sure what the difference ...
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What's the difference between traffic numbers and Area 51 traffic numbers?

Looking at the Money SE traffic numbers in light of the discussion about domain names, I saw this large difference: lists Money traffic at 434 visits per day. http://...
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Attracting more traffic to Stack Exchange question? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: How to draw attention to a question without creating a bounty How to get attention for your old, unanswered questions Best Time to Ask Questions This question might not ...
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Why is the traffic history prior to February 2018 missing on the site analytics page here on Meta.SE?

On the site analytics page here on Meta.SE ( - requires 25k+ rep on this site), it seems that the traffic statistics history from prior to February 2018 is ...
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Reporting site traffic

(note: I've seen the related question on area51 vs traffic reporting. This is a slightly different discrepancy). For, the site stats listed on the ...
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Displaying Users Online

I've just been considering that I found would find it very useful to be able to view certain details about the number and types of users online at any time. In particular, the following statistics I ...
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What proportion of visitors to SE sites are logged in?

I'm interested in this for no other reason than idle curiosity. Is there any way to find out: What proportion of activity (questions/answers) comes from logged in users? What proportion of traffic ...
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Testing new traffic management tool

Stack Overflow will be experimenting with some new HTTP traffic management technologies. Users should not see any negative effects. That said, we felt it would be prudent to announce that the test ...
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Severe traffic drop for some sites since the last Google algorithm update

The recent update from Google to their search algorithm seems to have hit a few sites rather severely. I can't say for sure that this change is responsible, but the traffic graph from Skeptics looks ...
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Does the featured site get measurably more traffic?

Is there any significant increase in traffic to the featured-site of any particular day? How large is this effect? For people unfamiliar with the featured site: it's a graduated site randomly chosen ...
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Why has traffic on my site spiked suddenly?

I've noticed that traffic on my favorite site (and a few others) has spiked recently: Why has this happened and is it going to last?
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Traffic and votes missing for recent days in site analytics

EDIT: it's happening again today on Meta Stack Exchange; the last Traffic data point is from Monday, November 18th, more than two days ago. On Chess.SE, the last data point is November 20th, as ...
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What are Stack Overflow's peak hours?

At what UTC time(s) is Stack Overflow most used?
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Auto protect questions with a sudden influx of viewers

A sudden, large increase in viewers, for instance from Reddit, can result in no small amount of noise and spam, as it more often than not occurs when there's a contentious topic at hand. It may be ...
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Why is half of the traffic history missing on /site-analytics on Medical Sciences?

I see on Why is half of the traffic history missing (last graph)? I exported the CSV and all values before 2018-09-02 are 0.
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3 answers

How to deal with increasing question traffic on Stack Overflow

I've noticed a disturbing trend on Stack Overflow lately, questions on Stack Overflow get bumped from the front page in usually less than an hour after submitting them. Two questions of mine, and ...
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Real time SE specific traffic page?

This is really random and probably will get closed fast, but how about making an SE page where we could see real time traffic on the site, animated questions/answers/comments/votes continually poping ...
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Has activity on the site slowed down since COVID-19?

I’m curious insofar as Stack Overflow being a very rough proxy for how much people are working. Has site activity gone down since COVID-19? Are there any interesting patterns in the data (e.g. certain ...
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