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Web traffic to Stack Exchange sites. Use for one or more of: the number of Visitors to an SE site, the Pages Viewed, the Posts Modified or created, the Data Transferred, etc

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Is there any data on how many users' IP addresses never look at their questions again?

Looking at a few random questions on Parenting, I noticed that many one-question users are never seen later than a few minutes after their questions were posted (confusingly, due to how the "seen" ...
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Severe traffic drop for some sites since the last Google algorithm update

The recent update from Google to their search algorithm seems to have hit a few sites rather severely. I can't say for sure that this change is responsible, but the traffic graph from Skeptics looks ...
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Does the featured site get measurably more traffic?

Is there any significant increase in traffic to the featured-site of any particular day? How large is this effect? For people unfamiliar with the featured site: it's a graduated site randomly chosen ...
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Can we add moderator features to see keyword analytics and annotated traffic graphs for specific questions?

Editing is part of Stack Exchange culture. We see a question with a typo – we fix it. Some go further and clarify a question, or add metadata (tags) to a question, or caption an image where ...
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Traffic and votes missing for recent days in site analytics

EDIT: it's happening again today on Meta Stack Exchange; the last Traffic data point is from Monday, November 18th, more than two days ago. On Chess.SE, the last data point is November 20th, as ...
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Missing page views from site analytics since 30th of May

I was looking at the site analytics available to 25k users on Roleplaying Games (where I'm a moderator) and noticed that the page views data ends on the 30th of May: The same data (total page views) ...
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Auto protect questions with a sudden influx of viewers

A sudden, large increase in viewers, for instance from Reddit, can result in no small amount of noise and spam, as it more often than not occurs when there's a contentious topic at hand. It may be ...
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Why did SO's (and SF's) traffic level off?

If you look at the stats for all time on Quantcast:!traffic and select 'All' for the date range, traffic shows steady growth until about March 2013, then ...
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What are the traffic stats for full web, mobile web per OS, Android app and iOS app?

We can talk about stats but they're of little use when they're global stats. Can you share traffic stats of the full web site, the mobile web site per OS, the Android app and the iOS app? These stats ...
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Question views / site visit ratio of anonymous versus authenticated users

Just a question out of curiosity: StackOverflow has around 4M unique visits per day ( Have they ever published numbers on what ratio of traffic is ...
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What proportion of visitors to SE sites are logged in?

I'm interested in this for no other reason than idle curiosity. Is there any way to find out: What proportion of activity (questions/answers) comes from logged in users? What proportion of traffic ...
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