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Can anyone explain these cases (increase/decrease) in community wiki questions and answers?

I am looking at the number of community wiki questions and answers over time. Making a question community wiki automatically transforms all of its answers to community wiki also. Thus, I remove those ...
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Can we have some statistics on the potential change in rate of comment flags?

With the changes in the Code of Conduct and all the publicity around being unwelcoming. It feels like we've been on an express train of changes. I could be wrong, but I suspect there's been a rise in ...
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Extending SO Insights/Trends to other SE sites?

David Robinson's blog post yesterday about Flash being dead exposed me to the Stack Overflow Insights/Trends tool. It's a very cool tool, but it looks like it's only pulling data from the Stack ...
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How to get trends about requests/answered counts? [duplicate]

I found some external sites that publish some statistics like : These ...
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Community Voting Statistics of Stack Overflow

Please forgive if the question has been asked and answered before (I did a search and did not find anything conclusive) but is there some place I can go to view voting statistics for Stack Overflow? ...
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Frequency of a term or keyword, over time

This might sound like a strange request, but here's what I'd like to do: Know how often a certain keyword or tag is used, over time, on StackOverflow. For example, for this keyword: "github" How ...
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Voting economics

I came back from a vacation recently and it suddenly seems like I am the only one doing any voting on a certain "average use"* tag all week long. Prior to the vacation I am ashamed to say I ...
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Why are there loads of Qt but few GTK questions? [closed]

There are about 1,600 GTK and GTK+ questions and about 9,400 Qt and Qt4 questions on StackOverflow at the moment. I find this odd. I was under the impression that GTK was more widely deployed because ...
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Why do php tags shoot up during weekends? [closed]

This has been bugging me for some time. I always like to check the number of tags the top tier languages get on any given day. It always struck me as odd that, while php generally stays at #3 when ...
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Question and answer data trends over the last two years

I've attempted to get some worthwhile information by looking at the question and answer trends over the past two years. I am looking at how things such as average answers, accept rate and answered ...
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Overcrowded questions

This morning, I spotted a question that had attracted a lot of attention: Why does this go into an infinite loop? The question was interesting and everyone wanted a go at answering it. As I write ...
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Interactive tag trend comparison page

My Sunday afternoon project this weekend was to add a bit of jQuery pixie dust to the tag trend graph page. The new Stack Overflow Tag Trends page allows you to choose which tags to compare and ...
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Is There a Difference in Quality of Answers?

Are there trends or stats on quality of answers for audiences in SO/SU/SF and if there are any relationships among their users? I'm curious because usually I get decent answers on SF. I don't often ...
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langprop petition to reference StackOverflow

langprop is a useful tool for gauging trends in programming languages. It references many sites to determine its ratings. It is my contention that langprop should use Stack Overflow. In my opinion, ...
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