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Hyphen and ellipsis overlap for certain long titles

Under certain circumstances, a browser's word break and text overflow functionalities collide, producing a hyphen that overlaps the ellipsis. This is how this user's profile looks like in the latest ...
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If a chat message contains a link and is truncated in the star list, the ellipsis points to the link

If a message is truncated at the point of a link in a chat message, the ellipsis becomes that link. Although normally the truncation ellipsis does not become a link, it's a common design pattern that ...
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If a moderator has a long name, the diamond gets truncated too

If a moderator’s name is displayed next to a question or answer he authored and this name is sufficiently long to be truncated, the diamond gets truncated as well. Thus cannot immediately tell whether ...
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Inbox chops messages in the middle of an HTML character reference

The messages in the inbox get chopped if they too long, and the chop can occur in the middle of an HTML character reference as can be seen in this screenshot: The character being chopped is [ and it ...
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Truncation of names occurs mid-character

Looking at this question on SO I noticed that the user name in two of the answers ("William Bettridge-Radford") is cut off mid-character on the right hand side: (This is on Firefox 19.0 on ...
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Max length check ignores markup, results in truncation of long, formatted answers

First reported here by haylem. Steps to reproduce: Construct a post consisting of exactly 30,000 non-markup characters (no HTML or Markdown formatting). Here's one for you: Formatting Sandbox Edit ...
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Truncated answer [closed]

Why is this answer truncated: Why are many of the banking sites implemented in Java rather than .NET?? While long, it should not exceed the maximum length and the source contains the full text:
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Questions containing links truncated on Stack Exchange "hot questions" page

The text for certain questions on the "hot questions" page on the Stack Exchange home is being truncated. These questions all contain links early in the question text so presumably this is where the ...
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Old answer mangled, appears very strangely when showing revisions

My epic subnetting answer appears to be truncated. The current edit of the answer just stops mid-sentence. I'm beyond "fairly certain" that I didn't edit it to be this way and, indeed, looking at the ...
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Can someone fix a truncated post?

I am new to Stack Overflow, so I have no reputation. I am trying to view a post that I think has been truncated. Here's a link to the post. It explains how to create a C# client for a WCF service ...
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Possible lost data from Stack Overflow answer

Regarding How to install SQL Server 2008 Express with Inno Setup?, I just had a comment posted saying it was incomplete. And it was. Thing is, I'm pretty sure it was complete when I posted it, and ...
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Long answers are truncated in SO

I wrote a long anwser to Python decorators. I've shorten it a little since, but you can see the original problem rolling back to the fourth revision. It's get truncated at the end. It's not just on ...
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