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Unanswered questions are questions which have no upvoted or accepted answers. Use this tag for those types of questions, or the unanswered questions tab which lists questions that meet the same criteria.

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Can staff please post an answer upon tagging a question as [status-completed]?

Related: Remove questions with moderator tags from the Unanswered list (2011) We currently have 425 wholly-unanswered questions marked status-completed. This is a problem for three reasons: Answers ...
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Add a "go to page" when looking through unanswered questions

I am attempting to reduce the number of unanswered questions on one site. When searching through (unanswered) questions there is a menu at the bottom with pages 1 through 5 and then the last page. For ...
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7 votes
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Should upvotes on new answers to old/unanswered/upvoted questions be weighted differently?

Note: This question has marked as a possible duplicate of: How about a difficulty rating for questions? However: This question is not about a 'difficulty rating' for questions based on their perceived ...
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If I answer my own question, will it decrease its visibility thus reduce the chance of other people giving a better answer?

I asked a question, and I already have a nonperfect answer. I want to submit my nonperfect answer. This way, if other people have the same solution as mine, they don't need to bother typing it again. ...
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How is the "percent answered" rate calculated for a site on the site list?

The "%answered rate" of all Stack Exchange sites are mentioned on Can someone please explain how is the exact percentage is calculated for any ...
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4 answers

Is it allowed to start a bounty for your unanswered question using an alt account?

Let's say a user has 2 accounts. The main account has asked a question which is unanswered. Now, is it allowed for the user to start a bounty on that question using the 2nd account given the following ...
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Rephrase text for possible duplicate with no answers

One more time I got a possible duplicate notice on my question. This time there's no answer on the suggested question: I know the duplicate mechanic on SE, but completely disagree with the current ...
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5 votes
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Searching my own unanswered questions over all Stack Exchange sites

I wish to get a list of my own unanswered questions over all Stack Exchange sites. It seems you can run SQL queries with, something I learned only today. Is there a way I can ...
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Should unanswerable questions have answers? [closed]

I've seen many questions, which have no solutions, answered as "Sorry, there's no answer to this question" or something similar. The original poster often accepts this, since they have ...
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2 answers

Make a feature to mark your own question as solved by yourself already without any answer's help! [duplicate]

This option is way better than just setting a question as solved through checking an answer that might or might not be correct leading to a bias. And since there are many cases already that some ...
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Filter option for Unanswered [duplicate]

When you are looking at recent questions, your filter options are bountied, hot, week, and month (plus some site-specific ones). It seems to me the only reason someone would be browsing questions is ...
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Should outdated "Related" questions be edited to address the overarching problem? [duplicate]

I mainly contribute to ProWebmasters - Google changes all the time and I and notice a ton of questions that the correct answer to which is no longer relevant. I come across a ton of very old "...
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11 votes
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Clicking on vote count in the Linked Questions list does not give a “noredirect” link

The problem According to this meta answer, linked questions in the sidebar should have noredirect=1 passed. This was done due to an annoying redirect (explained better in the question than I ever ...
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Add a toast notification when an anonymous user follows a link to an unanswered duplicate

For many years now, anonymous users who access a link to a question with no answers that's closed as a duplicate have been redirected to the duplicate target (so long as there's only one target). ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Is there a certain amount of time after which a new question is unlikely to get any answers?

Can anyone else confirm my suspicions here? I have found that whenever I post a new question, if it is going to receive any answers at all, it will happen within the first few hours of posting. After ...
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My question did not get an appropriate answer [duplicate]

Regarding I subscribed to Stack Overflow feeds to my email but haven't received any till today: I asked a question and I got some comments. I was not able to get an appropriate answer and I have ...
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Separate tab for not accepted unanswered and answered questions

In the unanswered tab (pictured below) we have various types of questions grouped together. To quote the FAQ: "Why does the “Unanswered Questions” tab show questions that have answers?" &...
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What should I do about upvoted, inactive, unanswered questions that I'm also trying to find the answer for? [duplicate]

One question has been suggested as a possible duplicate. However, my question points out a few specific scenarios that could be worth discussing. Another question is also relevant, as it's about ...
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Unanswered question button not working [duplicate]

Clicking the "unanswered" button brings up lots of questions that already have answers?
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Is there a limit to the number of times "community" can bump a question?

How many bumps is too many? Is there a limit to the number of times "Community user" can bump a question? There are questions with one or more unvoted answers that do not attract views, that ...
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4 votes
1 answer

List filters are not sticky, and have no effect on the next pages

I was on Stack Overflow, browsing the questions to find one or two to answer, and I noticed there is a filter option of "Unanswered Questions" It appears to filter questions by unanswered, ...
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2 votes
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Checkmark option appears to be missing - can't accept answer! [duplicate]

I signed up yesterday and asked a question on StackOverflow - and received an answer within about an hour. But I can't find anyway to 'accept' it. I realize there's supposed to be checkmarks, but they'...
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-11 votes
1 answer

Could we make it easier to find questions we haven't accepted an answer to? [duplicate]

A long time ago, I learned that the URL https://<S.E site>/search?q=user%3A<my user numbe>+closed%3A0+hasaccepted%3A0+answers%3A1+wiki%3A0&submit=search (user:XXX closed:0 hasaccepted:...
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Why does the `FAQ for Stack Exchange Sites` appear in the unanswered tab?

When I opened the 'Unanswered' tab on the side, as shown below, the first question that shows up is the FAQ. Why is it there? Why isn't it removed from the 'Unanswered' tab?
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Unanswered questions do not show Active time

Normally a post shows the active time after first edit. One post of mine does not show that information, does that indicate the post is not a normal state? If yes, what it is?
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Show Hot Network Questions on Unanswered Questions page

On the Unanswered Questions tab on the questions page (for example the list of Hot Network Questions is shown underneath the Related Tags ...
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Users with a gold tag badge should be able to add questions with no accepted or upvoted answers to the duplicate list for an already closed question

When anyone other than a moderator attempts to close a question as a duplicate, they can only select questions that have at least one answer that is upvoted or accepted. Even users with a gold badge ...
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What is the rationale behind RemoveAbandonedQuestions?

There are a number of reasons why the system will delete posts. One of these reasons is called RemoveAbandonedQuestions: The system will automatically delete unlocked, unanswered questions older ...
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Wrong page title in unanswered list questions page

(first discovered on SO) There seems to be a problem with title management on SE sites: In fact, the title displayed when visiting the Unanswered page on a SE site is "Highest Votes Questions", ...
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Add the "Unanswered" menu to Stack Overflow, including the international ones

All StackExchange sites have "Unanswered" menu item in their navigation. For example this one: Except for Stack Overflow and its localized versions. While the menu (AKA left nav) for Stack Overflow ...
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Missing types 'QAPage' and 'Question' for question without answer

If a question has no answer, the structured data is missing the types QAPage and Question. Example: question with answer The QAPage item is specified on the html element, and the ...
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Filtering unanswered questions with multiple tags doesn't work

I know we can generally filter questions with multiple tags. However, if I want to filter unanswered questions with multiple tags in an and manner, then it doesn't work and acts as if it was an or. ...
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9 votes
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Find a random unanswered question

I'd like to find a random unanswered question on my site. I know of the 'Unanswered' tab on the All Questions page (/questions), but that sorts by votes. Is there a way to get it to sort randomly? ...
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29 votes
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Change of 'Unanswered' to 'Unresolved' for Meta

I think that the 'Unanswered' tab should be name-changed to 'Unresolved', since the name does not reflect the contents. When I first joined SE, I was very puzzled as to why there were answered ...
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What next if a user got the answer by my comments?

A user has posted a question on Stack Overflow (but it could have been any Stack Exchange site) and I have added some comments. The user has got the answer through my comments. What next – the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

What's an 'Unanswered tag'?

Using main menu option "Unanswered", you get the list of unanwered questions. And the suboption "My Tags" limits this list to only those unanswered questions that are tagged with at least 1 of the ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Question asked by same person (and answered) on different site - how should it be answered

At this question (and a number of others with similar tags), a SE question has been answered elsewhere on a domain-specific non-SE Q&A site. Indeed, the same user acknowledges posting both places ...
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2 answers

Why are old (and abandoned) questions getting bumped to home page? [closed]

I'm a big fan of WordPress, - and want to help the community by answering questions on the dedicated Stack Exchange. However, - I can see that 'Community' has started to bump old questions to the ...
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The list of questions you are sent to when you can't answer protected questions should not contain protected questions

If you try to answer a protected question without having the required reputation you get the following message: The link in the words "unanswered questions" takes you to the site's list of unanswered ...
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2 answers

Can a low rep user ask a moderator to set a bounty for a question?

I have a question with no answers on Stack Overflow. Can I flag the question and ask a moderator to set a bounty on it, because I don't have enough reputation to start a bounty on my own?
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1 answer

How to sort "no answers" questions list by "newest"?

How can I search with the "newest" and "no answers" options simultaneously? For example, when going "No Answers" tab, I don't see a way to sort by "Newest":
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4 votes
1 answer

How can I find people who have asked a large number of high quality unanswered questions on UXSE?

I am looking to try and reduce the number of unanswered questions on the UXSE site by identifying high quality questions that hasn't been addressed probably because it is either difficult to answer or ...
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2 answers

Unanswered questions by tag without my answer

How can I get unanswered (unaccepted) questions by tag that are not answered by me on Stack Overflow? I want to answer users who did not get a satisfying answer. But every time I open the unanswered ...
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-8 votes
1 answer

Add a separate tab for "on hold" questions

Normally I wait in the Newest tab and watch new questions stream in for me to potentially answer. However, especially in Code Review SE, the first page can be filled with questions that are [on hold] ...
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How can I find the number of total questions and unanswered questions, for each month, for the 10 most popular tags on Cross Validated

I'd like to write a query in the Stack Exchange Data Explorer for the Cross Validated site, which returns me the Question and Answers on Cross Validated by month and by tag, for the 10 tags which ...
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Why do people vote down answers that I have posted but are an answer in the comments?

I once saw a really good answer in the comments, but the question was unanswered and I (please don't say I'm a plagiariser) took that answer in the comments and made it into an answer and reworded it ...
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Answered vs Unanswered results inconsistent when searching for tags

When I search for a set of tags (e.g. jsonschema and .net), answered and unanswered treat the query differently. Answered seems to return questions that have BOTH tags. Unanswered seems to return ...
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Does the "unanswered" category work? [duplicate]

There are often questions marked as "unanswered" that have already many answers. Does this feature not work, or do "answered" questions have to have an accepted answer?
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Should you delete your own off-topic, answerless questions?

I unfortunately asked a very off-topic question here yesterday. I requested to move it to the appropriate meta site by flagging for moderator attention, but got no response. Eventually the question ...
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Getting answer for unanswered (already asked by someone else) question on Stack Exchange site? [duplicate]

What should I do, if I have some issues and when searching on a Stack Exchange site, I found that the same question is already asked by someone else, but yet not answered (or answered but that's not ...
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