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How do I uncommit from a Stack Exchange proposal?

I've wanted to uncommit to the Ubuntu Stack Exchange for a while - when I first committed, it seemed good, especially since I use Ubuntu. However, I don't like the direction that the community has ...
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Commitment should be serious matter, please ask me to confirm before uncommiting

When I commit to a proposal on Area51 it's done after careful thinking, not something that is done lightly. (source) When I uncommit, I expect family and friends to ask me to reconsider: ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Please annul this relationship, I can't remain committed to a partner that won't move forward! [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Allow users to un-commit from locked proposals in the commitment phase I can't stand being committed to a locked proposal (especially since it 'eats' one of my 3 possible ...
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So when do I get my commit back? (Area51)

I committed to an Area51 site, which has since exited private beta and gone into Public Beta. There is a fourth site that I would have very, very, very much have liked to have been able to support; ...
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Should commits be automatically transferred when proposals are merged?

I had committed to the selenium proposal, which was recently merged into a more general testing proposal. Without clarifying my wishes, my commitment was transferred to the new proposal. I actually ...
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How do you leave a Stack Exchange community [duplicate]

There are so many Stack Exchange communities that you don't always realize what you're getting into until it's too late, so my question is: How do you leave a particular Stack Exchange community that ...
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