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For requests to have a question or answer undeleted.

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How can I get a deleted answer undeleted? [duplicate]

I answered this question with a link to the vendor documentation that I believed addressed the issue. Adding description to a web intelligence document in BOBJ 42sp6 using restapi My answer was ...
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See who deleted an answer

I posted a question at SO and got an answer, which wasn't bad. Then I left work and opened my question again, to see that the answer has been deleted. A commenter (from the answer) left a comment in ...
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Can a moderator undelete a question deleted by its author?

Yesterday I answered this question Finding best path given a distance transform and after a while it was deleted by its own author. Can a moderator undelete a question deleted by its author? It seems ...
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Reasonable SO newbie question deleted - can undelete? [closed]

A colleague (David Watson) using SO answered this question: WiX 3.8 MSI for a 32-bit and a 64-bit machine And it was deleted for the questionable crime of including not only what looks like a ...
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Please undelete my answer [closed]

As per the advice at How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion? I would like to politely ask if anyone could ...
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Why was my answer, linking to my Google Code project, deleted? [duplicate]

My answer to a question was recently deleted by Andrew Barber (20K+ member) and I am wondering why. It fundamentally answers the question (although it wasn't the accepted answer) and was also up-voted ...
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I've edited my deleted answer to make it clearer, but it's still deleted [duplicate]

The questioner didn't understand my answer, so a moderator deleted it. I've since edited by answer to connect the final pair of dots and make it crystal clear, but it is still deleted. Can it be ...
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Wondering why my answer was deleted as the best answer does not work [closed]

I had decided to answer a question due to eventually cracking the issue that the questioner raised. The highest voted answer (1) had been answered that would work in a general case but not this ...
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What's going on with "Potential Stack Overflow Revenue Models"?

There is a deleted question that has been linked to by this post, and from the title, it seems to be of historical significance. However, I don't have 10k, so I will need someone else to read it for ...
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I just asked a question and received some cryptic responses [closed]

What bloody good is it for you to delete a question of mine without allowing for a conversation between myself and this moderator person? I thought this might be a useful site, but this initial ...
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Why has my answer been deleted?

I'm quite new to Stack Overflow. I've answered a question here fastest way to set every pixel Looks like question author found my answer helpful. I'm not trying to argue or anything, just to ...
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Undelete request for "Why is HttpContext.Current null" [closed]

I have edited this answer so that it is no longer a primarily-link answer. I get an error message when I vote to undelete; could a moderator undelete?
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Please undelete this moderator-deleted question on SO [closed]

Clear file cache to repeat performance testing I found it to be incredibly useful in helping me resolve some performance testing issues when experimenting with DLL loading alternatives. Pointed me ...
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Upvoted answer to a very specific question deleted

My answer to this question has been deleted. This is a very relevant question (with 2 upvotes) and my answer specifically addressed what was asked and I provided a working solution. I suppose that's ...
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I'm curious why my latest answer on Stack Overflow was deleted

I posted an answer on Stack Overflow and I'm not sure why it was deleted. I went back to look at it and I didn't see anything wrong with my answer that would cause it to be deleted.
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What was the reason for this answer being deleted? [closed]

I've been on SO for about five months now, and I thought I had a handle on how to write reasonable answers. So I was quite surprised when my recent answer was deleted. I read the FAQ about "why was my ...
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Can this question be undeleted?

User said my answer had helped him, and then deleted the question instead of accepting an answer. Can this question be undeleted? How to store or print data of submit button?
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Do not delete questions that have answers

I herewith object to the deletion of Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2010. No, it's not an exemplary question, and, yes, I agree to it being closed. I object to it being deleted, though. Can some ...
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Request to undelete answer to question "Windows Azure target machine actively refused connection when using emulator" [duplicate]

I have answered "Windows Azure target machine actively refused connection when using emulator" on Azure Caching in a rather unruly manner and a moderator deleted it. I've taken the time to improve it ...
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Four-year old question with 48 upvotes and 81 stars just got deleted [closed]

I had often referred to this question (for <10k) and last time I checked, it had 48 votes upvotes, 81 stars and 11 answers, with a total of over 100 upvotes. Today, after the question was live for ...
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My answer got deleted, even though the OP said it was correct?

So, I was answering some questions, and I came across this one here. My answer got deleted, even though mine was the one that the OP stated (in the chat transcripts) that it was correct. How should ...
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Why was my answer, a link to the documentation, deleted? [duplicate]

Kev deleted an answer that I wrote here: How to add contacts from your application and save it in the addressbook? I've tried to address his comment, though I still disagree with it. Please undelete ...
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May we have the Jon Skeet Facts thread back?

I did a google search for "Jon Skeet facts" but the meta page which listed them all is gone: Jon Skeet Facts Google cache still has a copy, but may I ask the Powers That Be to UPDATE TABLE SET ...
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How to request undeletion?

One of my answers was deleted by a mod today. I have since then corrected my answer and I would like to have it undeleted. I'm not able to do that myself, and there appears to be no explicit method to ...
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What happened to "What real life bad habits has programming given you?" [closed]

The question What real life bad habits has programming given you? (10k only) is one of the all-time most popular questions on Stack Overflow. It had 341 upvotes and around 157k views, but it looks ...
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Can the deleted question about custom bootable appliance be undeleted? [closed]

Is there any way to appeal a deleted question? I spent a few minutes coming up with a constructive answer for a very badly worded question, and the whole lot just vanished a minute or so after I ...
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