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Underscores in search terms are escaped when searching for users

When you search for users with an underscore in their name: and then click on another tab, e.g. 'quarter', the underscore is 'escaped' (or in this case, 'imprisoned' is more appropriate) by square ...
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Is using an underscore as a space in @user_name a valid practice? [duplicate]

Is using an underscore in user mentions as a replacement for a space a valid practice, and if not, then why? It feels obvious for me to do so, however the help on using @username does not say anything ...
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Links with underscores in comments are mangled [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: URL with dashes and underscores altered when inserted into [name](url) notation I tried to post a link in a comment and it gets mangled badly. This is the link: http://...
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Search ignores leading/trailing underscore?

I tried searching for __LINE__ and all results had "line", but not __LINE__. There are questions on SO containing __LINE__, which I found by searching with other criteria. Search strings like "...
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Preview display of editor on SO shows embedded underscore in name turning italics on but actual display doesn't

This is an old chestnut - but it is silly that the preview display is not in synch with the main display and I ran across it again. The mismatch makes it hard to be confident that what you are seeing ...
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26 votes
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How can I type an underscore symbol as part of a word?

I ask this specifically because SQL Server collations contain underlines, and I couldn't find how to display them properly as part of a sentence. Only quoting them as code seems to display it properly,...
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CODE format: can I avoid colourisation _and_ italicisation?

There seems to have been a recent change, whereby all text highlighted using the backtick formatting has acquired a colour background. This is fine in a code block but irritating when the format is ...
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Can an unescaped underscore (_) be included in a link?

I was trying to follow the link to GitHub in this question: What are some interesting features of the source code? but it contained a percent-escaped underscore, though the source ...
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