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The [unsubscribe] tag refers to opting-out of getting emails about something

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Notice for digest unsubscription doesn't use translation

When you did unsubscription for the community digest, the notice appeared, e.g., on ruSO: You have been unsubscribed This text was translated a long time ago, but for some reason it was not used. A ...
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"Edit Email Settings" link in emails leads to a 404 error if I am not logged in

In the "1 new item in your Stack Exchange inbox" email, there is an "Edit email settings" link at the bottom. If I am not logged in to stack exchange, this goes to a "Page not ...
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Email Settings page non-functional when reached via unsubscribe link

I unsubscribed from one of the StackOverflow emails (The Overflow), which took me to the Email Settings page with a green "Unsubscribed" notice in that entry. There's no indication on the ...
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Area 51 emails don't have unsubscribe link anymore

Once upon a time, the footer of emails from Area 51 (e.g. when a proposed site you follow moved to commitment phase) looked like this: There was a clear link to unsubscribe. All good. However, ...
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Getting "Subscribed!" message while unsubscribing from newletter

After successfully unsubscribing from a newsletter a message is displayed saying "Subscribed!". This can be seen in the following screenshot: I got this message on Stack Overflow but it was ...
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Can I unsubscribe from a question's notifications? [duplicate]

I answered a question on Stack Overflow and the user keeps asking for more and more help. Can I opt-out from notifications of that particular question?
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How to undo accidental unsubscribe

I accidentally clicked on the "unsubscribe from all Stack Overflow emails" link that's included at the end of the autogenerated stack overflow mails, but I would very much like to continue getting ...
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How to unsubscribe stackoverflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Delete my account? How do I logout from a non-registered account? I cannot see any links in the interface, or any help in the FAQ : how to unsubscribe stackoverflow ?
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It should be just as easy to unsubscribe as it is to subscribe to a forum here

This question was part of the old website and I am now re-entering so it can be addressed in time. (Not that I want to unsubscribe at this stage - I think it is only good courtesy from the site owners ...
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