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Previous year(s) ranking on a site (Stack Overflow)

Is there a way to get your previous year (2020) ranking on Stack Overflow and/or other sites. The all-time rank becomes a bit irrelevant for someone who has not been active before last year. The ...
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Does Stack Overflow (and meta) have a moderator problem?

Recently I asked a question that was not too dissimilar to other questions, but it turns out it wasn't in the right place. Instead of it being flagged for moving, it received a flurry of downvotes ...
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Why do my account's rank appear in the top of the second page of the list, while it is not deserved the position?

My rank in Academia is 235, yet it appears in the top of the second page of the list. I know that this is for me to easier check to rank, but putting me there will make me a (quick) false impression ...
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Some thoughts about weighted scoring systems and tweaks to the calculation of scores to provide a more informative ranking order [duplicate]

Just looking at some trends of users and patterns of questions that have been asked, and I thought whether additional badges or weighted systems of scoring can be used for people who contribute very ...
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Syncing week reputation with StackExchange is not right

In week rank page, my week reputation is still showing yesterday's reputation. Is it updated real-time or in daily basis? I tried to sync my account, but still no effect. Anyone know why? Also, when ...
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How to know User ranking on Stack Overflow by country [duplicate]

Is it possible to view a report of the all-time user ranking by country, or if there any other workarounds to find this information?
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How to check user's other time period percentile?

At the user's info, there is a percentile status like top 3% this year Is there a way how to check other (week, month, quarter, all time) periods percentile?
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Missing from Month Reputation List

This is a followup to this question. The top x% this month has returned to the summary profile page but if I click the link on my profile, I am missing from the monthly league listing: If I change ...
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Overall Reputation Link missing [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: User league information missing in the profile page I noticed today that the top x% month link is missing from my profile summary page. This was present yesterday and ...
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User league information missing in the profile page

It seems like the "Top 0.18% this month" or similar links are no longer displayed in the user profile pages. Is this a bug or a feature? I personally found the information under these links very ...
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What is My Rank On Stack Overflow? [duplicate]

How do I know my rank among all Stack Overflow users? Where can I see a list of top users according to their rank on Stack Overflow?
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1 answer

Why is my previous reputation value not reported?

On my profile, I get a link like top 14% of this month; clicking on it, I am redirected to a reputation league display, where my month rank, change in rank, total reputation, and month reputation are ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How far am I from getting into the "Top 20%" for a particular tag?

I've got a couple of "Top 20%" tags on my careers page. I'd really like to know how far I am from getting the same award for the "android" tag. Is there an easy way to get that information? I don't ...
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Why does the "top X%" in my profile change frequently between week/month/all time?

The "top X%" counter based on reputation displayed in my user profile seems to be changing between "this month", "this week", and "all time". Why is that? Is there any way that I can toggle between ...
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Is there a bug calculating the "change" field value for new users in the "User Leagues"?

I found the "User Leagues" for the first time and decided to check my score for the year. I was surprised to see that my rank had apparently decreased by 10242 year-over-year. (I used to be 30th?? - ...
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Is there any way to identify a users ranking on the site? (within a particular tag?)

I have noticed that some users have taken it upon themselves to create websites that allow you to see a user's rank (percentile) among SO developers. I like this. I was wondering if the owners of ...
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27 votes
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Trilogy Site Ranking - For those who need to know

SOREP will be taken offline this month. SOREP V2 now lives on SOREP V2: Ranked and aggregated flair SOREP V2 is a flair service that is built upon the StackUser platform that provides ...
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Easy Way to find out what your user rank is?

Is there an easy way to find out what your user rank is? If not it would be nice to have that feature. I can go to the users tab and find out what page I am on (96) and multiply that by 35 (users ...
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User Rank -or- User Percentile Rating

It would be neat if you could see a users "User Rank" or "User Percentile Rating" within their profile. It could just be something like "Top 25%", "Within Top 250 Users", or "Rank: 4500 out of 6500 ...
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