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This tags is for general questions about users and user accounts.

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People using comments to answer questions [duplicate]

I have been noticing new questions often have answers in the comments instead of the answer list. What is the rationale behind this? I have seen this with users that have a lot of reputation too, so ...
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Does SE track previous website access?

I am wondering if tracks or otherwise has a record of specific user-initiated access to the site, from a certain device at a specific time and date.
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Would the striking moderators welcome a user strike? Should we, the users, go on strike?

As we know, there is a call for a strike from the moderators on the entire network. I support the moderators. It occurred to me, perhaps a little late, that my participating on the site as usual — ...
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View "people reached" data/trend through time for user

Is there a way to view a trend (graphically or tabulated) in the number of "people reached" per user per site? E.g., to see how many people a user's posts impacted monthly or annually, etc. ...
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How many of our users are on Stack Overflow?

I am just curious; what percentage of total users does Stack Overflow make up? I know that I could count them, but with 200+ sites that seems inefficient. I don’t care about active users or not, nor ...
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Link to user profile with recent questions and answers

Is it possible to get a link to the activity section of the user profile with recent questions and answers? For example, if I enter the link,
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What is the difference between DisplayName and Id on the Stack Exchange Data Explorer Users table?

I am trying to pull a list of all users who have commented on an answer and tie it back to their User profile, if one exists. However, not all Comments table records have a UserId associated with them ...
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Some questions about search [closed]

I want to search questions answered by me and some another user. How can I do this? I don't see an "and" operator. Is there a way to search through comments (answers under which there is ...
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39 answers

Help us identify new roles for community members

Update 2 (March 6, 23) We made a shortlist of the most promising suggestions from the answers provided, and we then shared our findings with Philippe Beaudette, our VP of Community. After some ...
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Closed Area 51 proposals show more to anonymous users than when logged in [closed]

This is what the What If proposal looks like when logged in: That's fine, I can live with that. However, this is when not logged in: Same page, same browser (Firefox 107 x64). One in a normal window,...
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Add link to Help Center article about moderators in the moderators tab on the /users page

The moderators tab on the /users page has some information and links about moderating/moderators on Stack Exchange. I think it would make sense to add a link to the main Help Center article about ...
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Missing UserIDs

I'm working on some performance tests for my ORM. I just noticed this with the 2010; these two queries return results. SELECT distinct UserId FROM Comments WHERE not UserId in (Select ID From Users) ...
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3 answers

Community service hours on SE

If high-schoolers or other eligible individuals wish to amass community service hours by participating in Stack Exchange sites on a volunteer basis, is there/can we implement a mechanism by which ...
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How can you merge accounts when you've not got access to old email? [duplicate]

I have this old account and I can't log in to the email associated with it anymore: How can I ...
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2 answers

Number of users in a Stack Overflow SEDE query

I tried to run this query on SEDE: SELECT * FROM ( SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY u.Displayname DESC) AS row, u.Id, u.Reputation FROM Users u WHERE ...
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How to report a user? [duplicate]

A new user with an inappropriate username joined a Stack Exchange site today and started posting overly graphic sex jokes, as answers. They are clearly just a troll account. How would I go about ...
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Where do I find the official guidance that I can link to regular users about handling posts from apparently suicidal users?

This came up again recently, with a post from an apparently suicidal user. In this case, the problem was exacerbated by the post itself including profanity/cursing too, which is usually cleaned up ...
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Can we see user reputation by tag? [duplicate]

Can we choose a tag and see what users have most reputation in this tag? Example: A list of users that are ordered in a descending order by reputation gained with the tag [ggplot2]. This would show ...
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In a chat room, what are the full mechanics of being "in the room"?

In a chat room, what are all the mechanics around being listed as "in the room" or not? The various states of being "in a room" I know of at least three states that a chat user can ...
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Is it possible to start a chat with a user? [duplicate]

I'd like to start something like a private chat room and invite a user to it to discuss possible research. Is this possible on Stack Exchange?
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Can I ask a question about a great Stack Overflow contributor who has just not been active for the past several years on any Stack Exchange site?

While going through a post on Stack Overflow I went through the answer and could identify the answerer has a lot of Stack Overflow reputation. I sometimes go through people's Stack Overflow profiles ...
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How are users' tags determined?

I've looked at this question, but it's still not clear to me. Searching my user tags are HTML, JavaScript and jQuery. This is the case for all filters (week, month, ...
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2 answers

Is it possible to manually update one's display name on comments/answers/etc. to avoid deadnaming? [duplicate]

Two months ago there was a question asking about whether it would be possible to implement some semi-automated tool for changing one's username in past comments, answers bodies, etc. I've recently ...
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1 answer

Are there any (research-based) classifications of user types for sites like Stack Exchange?

In the game industry, we have the Bartle taxonomy of player types which is a way to classify users into four main categories: Achievers, Explorers, Socialisers, and Killers. I was researching if there ...
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Verify users like Instagram's blue tick [duplicate]

Stack Overflow is no more just a simple ask/answer website. For me as a consultant and manager in industry, when I want to hire an engineer, watching the profile and the score of that engineer is a ...
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11 votes
3 answers

Name changes: updating past comments, alerts, and similar upon specific request

Alright, so - there have obviously been past questions about updating one's username, e.g. Changing user name does not update @lerts / cites?, Change all @username references in comments when a user ...
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Where are the names of the user(s) that closed a question displayed?

My SO question has been closed. Now, there is an official SO help page for people who disagree with the closure reasons. One of its paragraphs says: If a moderator (user with a ♦ symbol after their ...
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User search field temporarily enlarged while waiting for results

On the user list page, there's a search field, which temporarily enlarges while the page is loading results. This leads to a strange animation, especially visible on slower connections. Here is an ...
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Why are there some users named userxxxx and I can't view their profile? [duplicate]

I saw some users with userxxxxx with some of them blue and grayed out. Why are some grayed out?
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How do I search for posts involving two users?

I want to find posts (on some specific SX site) in which each of two users either wrote the question or wrote an answer, i.e. both users interacted with the question in some way - either by authoring ...
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Why do some users have an association bonus even if they are not in any other Stack Exchange sites? [duplicate]

Why do some users have an association bonus even if they are not in any other Stack Exchange sites (as shown in their profile)? P.S.- I came across many users recently (like this one or this one).
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Deleting or destroying an account should raise a flag on any other accounts on the network

I have previously asked for a CM message to be raised when a user is destroyed for spamming Raise a Community Manager message when an account is destroyed for spamming but I have thought of a ...
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2 answers

The Stack Exchange Active User Base

I have this question related to the Stack Exchange active user base. According to this webpage, currently, there are around 661,293 Stack Overflow users who have at least 200 points as their ...
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-30 votes
4 answers

Does the Age Eligibility section of ToS apply to biological or mental age? [closed]

Current version of the Public Network Terms of Service (accessed 2021-02-13) includes a section about underage users: 3. Age Eligibility You must be at least 13 years old to access or use the Network ...
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1 answer

What happens to posts by an underage user whose account was deleted?

If an underage user's account is deleted, will their posts still be there? I know that if a normal account is deleted by the owner, their posts remain. But, is it the same for underage users?
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2 answers

What is a Curator? What is the Curator Team?

The recent Stack Exchange platform roadmap makes many references to "Curators", a "Curator Team", and a "Curator Support Team":
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1 answer

What can I do to find how many distinct users contribute to all the posts and comments this query seaches for?

I have used the query below to form a result table and now I need to find how many users are contributing to it. Is there any way I can achieve that? SELECT p.Title,p.Body,c.Text FROM Posts p JOIN ...
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These users are shown to have deduction in reputation but there are some mismatches [duplicate]

In this month's Users tab, at the last page, the following users are show to have deduction of reputation. Some have offered bounties and have got downvotes, but certains users' profile doesn't show ...
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1 answer

Show leaderboard for colleagues

Is it possible to show the leaderboard for a group of users, for example friends or colleagues using a list of user IDs?
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1 answer

How can I sort users by how many of my questions they close voted?

I posted questions. Some got closed. I'd like to see which users close voted them most often. E.g., display: user X close voted to close 23 of my questions, user Y close voted to close 17 of my ...
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Is chat only in Meta, or are there chat spaces particular to each site? [duplicate]

I want to chat with a user in a beta site (Space Exploration SE) where I have over 100 reputation at the moment. I recently lost some reputation by starting a discussion in the form of a question ...
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-13 votes
3 answers

Let's provide a way to expunge old suspensions

All the changes happening in the world have made me think about how "records" affect people even years after they have arguably "served their time". Stack Exchange has followed the ...
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2 answers

Finding a possibly deleted user account profile page

Where is the "about" page for user8680478? If "my" URL is: I tried: but that just gives me a 404 ...
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2 answers

Why are Unicode characters allowed in usernames?

I find it to be very informal, Some names can vary between Japanese letter/words (for example!) or mathematical notations. It makes it way harder to find these accounts in a simple search. For a site ...
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15 votes
3 answers

Is it worthwhile to try to engage spammers?

I used to have an in-your-face attitude toward people who posted spam, often adding mocking comments in their own broken-English style of writing (e.g. "high qality SPAM, download now, click here flag ...
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Is there a way to find users with the largest number of helpful flags? [duplicate]

In each user's profile, number of helpful flags is displayed - so this is a public information. However, I did not find this number in the data explorer. Question: Is there some simple way to find ...
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How can I find out which user earned badge X the most often?

Each badge has a list of when and to whom it has been awarded, e.g. this one. Since some badges can be awarded multiple times, is there a way to get a list of users who earned a specific badge most ...
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What should I do if I see a new account from a suspended user?

Yesterday, a contributor (questioner) on a site was suspended for 365 days. That very same person, with a thinly veiled avatar change, returns today as if nothing has happened! It would appear that it'...
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Why are there a lot of users with Reinstate Monica in the username? [duplicate]

Across all Stack Exchange network sites I have seen a lot of users with "Reinstate Monica" in the username, and I am not sure what this means.
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How can these two users be a member of Meta for longer than the site exists?

During some ... research ... I encountered two users here: George Claghorn, member since 2009-06-25 Jeff Hardy, member since 2009-06-26 How can they be a member of Meta Stack Exchange for longer ...
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