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For questions about URLs in the Stack Exchange network that look pretty.

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How can a Stack Exchange site expand scope significantly, where the scope expansion implies a new name and URL?

Consider Freelancing SE as a hypothetical [for now!] example. Freelancing has been in beta for 7+ years. Given its narrow scope, it doesn't get many questions each year, and that number is shrinking. ...
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Expand the{site} shortcut to include questions [duplicate]

Right now I can hit and be taken to the SQA Stack Exchange site. An awesome feature (documented in this question). I can also go to as a quick way access a ...
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Provide a vanity shortened URL redirect for each SE site [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What shortened URLs are available through It's no big secret that SE sites won't be getting vanity URLs for newly-launched sites. However, the names of the sites are ...
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Modrewrite for the profile url's? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Feature request: vanity URLs Instead of I would rather have something easier to remember like
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Stack Exchange user page URL is frightening!

I'm pimping myself networking on other sites, and rather than linking to my stackoverflow profile, I'm considering linking to my Stack Exchange profile. I didn't realize I had such a scary looking ...
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Are there any URL shorteners for Stack Overflow and/or Stack Exchange in general?

Site-specific URL shorteners would be so handy, especially when I'm writing tweets: Instead of: Wiki software for documenting APIs Or: I could post: stackoverfl.ow/...
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SO should validate a username in the URL and issue a redirect on mismatch, right? [closed]

Please read: Matt Cutts: "Adding a 301 redirect can be an especially good idea if your site changes" If I'm johnny my URL might be 134564/johnny and if I change my username to paul, and people have ...
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What happens to vanity URL on careers after subscription expires?

After your careers subscription expires, will the vanity URL be released and allowed to go to whomever requests it next, or is it permanently attached to your account, waiting for your next job search ...
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Squatting Vanity Urls

It seems that someone has squatted the vanity url I demand justice. Edit It would appear that justice has been delivered.
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