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For questions regarding a post revision's raw text source, available by clicking the "source" button on a revision entry in a post's revision list.

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Copy question or answer source text when "Suggested edit queue is full" [duplicate]

For users below 2k reputation who need to copy a question or answer source text, the only option nowadays is to use the "edit" button and copy the source from the edit page. When the "...
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Why can't I access the source of revisions for my own deleted posts?

I can see the revision history, but clicking the provided "source" links by each revision 404s. For example, this revision was unavailable while its corresponding answer was deleted.
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Is there a way to see how the markup of a per-site meta answer is formed?

I sometimes see a useful markup feature in a per-site meta answer. However, I cannot edit it to see how one did it, since editing (or suggesting edits) is disabled for users with less than 2k ...
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Is there a way to view a comment's source?

Sometimes (old) comments break the parser, so it would be nice to view their code to check what was (actually) supposed to be there. Is there any way to view a comment's source just like the source ...
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UI enhancement: allow any user to see the raw source of posts

I hope this is not a duplicate, I couldn't find anything related (sorry if I'm wrong, flag it and I'll remove it in this case). Sometimes I find posts whose formatting is interesting and which I'd ...
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Add a view to see the raw source of suggested edits

As it is right now, we cannot see the raw source of the suggested edit. There are diff views and that's useful but sometimes the changes are so subtle, the actual formatting needs to be inspected if ...
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View source link?

This, I know: I know that if a question (or answer) has been edited you can click on the revisions link to see the source, and I know that if you have enough reputation points you can pretend to ...
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Cannot view source of certain tag wiki revisions

When I click view source on a some old revisions of tag wikis, I get a 404. This happens on both wikis I can edit and those I can't. For example: Revision 3 of the webapp-rec wiki. Revision 14 of ...
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Please add a 'view source' link to questions and answers that have no revisions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: View Source link on all questions I asked the following question on ServerFault: How do I hide ‘non-delegated’ features in IIS 7? Scott's answer describes a couple of xml ...
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View Source link on all questions

Atm, if you want to view the Markdown source of a question/answer (on SO/SF/SU/MSO at least, probably all stack exchange sites), you have 4 options: Gain enough rep to edit posts, then click the edit ...
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