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Times a question has been seen by eyeballs, or a profile has been looked over

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How are the number of views in a question calculated?

I saw it's not just a page views number, because, if I press F5 several times, it won't increase the number of views. They could store my IP address in a table, but wouldn't that make it slow? They ...
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Is there a possibility of seeing a graph of a question's views over time?

I'm not sure if this is possible architecturally, but when judging whether to set a bounty and how much it should be, it would be nice to see the impact based on our previous questions. If you're not ...
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What would make a question popular with high views?

I was wondering what might be making my questions less attractive to users? I get very low views most of the time. What should be done to increase a question's popularity?
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"kviews" should be "k views"

I just noticed this, and I don't think it used to display this way. It seems to make more sense as "k views". Can we change it (back)?
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Views indicator inaccurate, shows one views on question with two close votes

Two close votes and only one person has viewed the question? How did this happen?
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How do I sort the questions by the number of views?

The question is in the title, how do I sort the questions by the number of view? If not that, I'd settle for any suggestion on how to view the "Most Viewed" questions.
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How are profile views counted?

This is related to the 'number of times your profile is visited by others'. How exactly does it work? For example, in my profile page, profile view count is 171.
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What are the "kviews"?

What is the meaning of the kviews unit used on Stack Overflow??
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Dissecting the Stack Overflow views counter [duplicate]

The last couple of days I've been trying to understand how the Stack Overflow page views counter works. I wish to add a views counter to a project of mine and investigating the options. Stack Overflow ...
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33 votes
16 answers

New badge proposal based on number of profile views

I think it would be neat to earn a badge for having X number of profile views. You could have different levels, for example: Bronze - [Renown] - 300 views Silver - [Celebrity] - 1000 views ...
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2 answers

Can we have a way to see referrers for a specific question?

A question I flippantly answered a while ago literally blew up today, gaining me a Skeetian amount of rep for a single question in a single day. Is there a way to determine why this happened? I ...
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44 votes
4 answers

Increase the Hot Network Questions randomness (proposal for testing)

Related: Ease up on the Hot Network Question Randomness. This is a recent change which resulted in a 30% increase in engagement. All of this engagement came from repeated clicks... we do have ...
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2 answers

What is that "1 view" which automatically appears after submitting a question?

Are the questions submitted on SO and other SE sites initialized with 1 view, or does the first view belong to the user who posted it? Why is a question given a free first view? It just appears, as ...
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32 votes
7 answers

Mitigating publicity-driven vote inflation

Following the Reddit debacle™ back in January, we've had another instance today of a question becoming overwhelmingly popular due to external "advertising". As soon as Joel tweeted about Eric Lippert'...
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18 votes
3 answers

Add separation of numbers to view counter?

For usability reasons, for example in RegEx match open tags except XHTML self-contained tags, the 'viewed' counter should show as ...instead of... . It's much harder to decipher that there are a ...
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Wrong view count for questions?

I have a question with 1508 views, but in the personal page list it gets reported as 2k. Bug or aggressive approximation?
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Can "user profile views" NOT include narcissism please?

Based on Does "user profile views" include narcissism?, it looks like visiting our own profile increases the number of 'views' listed there. Can it NOT please? I'm not interested in how ...
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2 answers

Does viewing your own question add to its view count?

Does viewing your own question add to its view count?
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2 answers

Is there a way to view the number of unique views for a question on a mobile device? [closed]

I'm using an iPhone, but I would imagine it's the same for other mobile devices as well. If you browse to any stack exchange site, you get a very well made mobile site. The only gripe that I have is ...
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Show the number of question views in the iOS app

This is basically the same as this request for the Android app, except I am making the request for the iOS app. When viewing a question in the iOS app, I'd like to see the total number of views for ...
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View count out of date on a Stack Overflow question [duplicate]

This Stack Overflow question at the time I looked at it, had comments from 3 different users, 2 close votes - and a view count of 1: Obviously the view count shown is out of date. A minor issue, but ...
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Views and upvotes mismatch on meta question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Views indicator inaccurate, shows one views on question with two close vote Pretty excited on catching this bit, probably a bug. Below are two screen-shots which show the ...
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58 votes
6 answers

What is "People helped" and why does it exist at all?

I wonder what is "People helped" (PH) stat supposed to signify. From what I read in Profile Page Makeover, Part 3: the Prototype returns, it stands for cumulative number of views on some (...
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Does "user profile views" include narcissism?

So... if I go to my user page to look at where I got those extra 40 rep points (or whatever) from, does me going to my own user profile page increase my "user profile views"? I'd really rather it ...
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How can I figure out who has visited my profile?

How can I find out who are my profile visitors?
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Show only Questions Title on Questions View as User Choice

Could we get the view we have when we first sign into the site (with the question title text only), even when we hit the Questions button (when it changes to also showing the first line or so of the ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Add the open feature requests view to the list of available views on meta

Jeff Atwood has posted that he uses the following view as a basis for deciding which features to implement. I suggest adding this as one of the available view tabs on meta. https://meta....
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A bug in the views calculation. Views: 0 time

I look today on a few fresh question, and the view count was 0. Even after I refreshed the page a few time. This is definitely a bug, since the question isn't mine. Also I don't think the all page ...
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Does the number of views on an SO question exclude my own views?

I have already read 2 other similar questions on meta - this one and this one. However I still don't see the answer to my specific question - are my own views on my questions excluded from the count?
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16 votes
2 answers

Statistic for views over time

How can I see statistics about when the number of views increased over time? I would like to find out if at a certain date there was a significant increase of views to one of my "famous" ...
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kviews vs k views; Stack Overflow vs Stack Exchange

On Stack Overflow (and related sites) you have: 8 kviews Meanwhile on Stack Exchange sites you have: 1k views
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"Notable questions" badge page and search report different numbers for questions with 2.5K views

On Travel-SE, there are currently 171 "Notable question" badges awarded. However, when one uses the search interface with views:2500, there are 106 results. The two numbers should be equal, and it's ...
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3 answers

10k Views Badge [duplicate]

I was browsing my reputation/questions, and I noticed that one of my questions has 10k views. However, it doesn't show the 10k view "Famous Question" badge on my account. Is "10k views" a rounded ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Getting questions with >N views despite searching for questions with ≤N views

Trying to search for questions with at most n views, I'm getting questions with more views than asked for. For example, I tried to search for views:1..5 on CrossValidated, but I'm getting results ...
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Vote/View count abnormality

How can a post be viewed 7 times and downvoted 8 times? Is it a bug?
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Mobile browser doesn't show views even when badges granted by views are shown in notification bar

It's Thanksgiving, so I'm getting my Gaming SE fix through my mobile iPhone browser. I recently received a notable question badge for 'How do I defeat a wispmother in Skyrim?' and wanted to see just ...
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What drives search rankings on posts (both internal site and Google searches)?

What influences findability on a post? Upvotes Views Asked date Last active time How is this done in the Stack Exchange internal search engine? And how does Google do it? Why is it that when ...
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100 view requirement for vote expiry should not be based on total views

Currently vote (e.g. to close/reopen) can expire n days after the last vote, provided the question has 100 total views. The 100 total views requirement is intended to avoid votes failing and an issue ...
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What "visitors" count towards the publicity badges?

I was just thinking about these badges and how exactly your number of visitors is calculated. Really, this boils down into three key groups which you could gain counts from: New visitors: Those who ...
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2 answers

How are question views counted? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How does Stack Overflow calculate the number of views in a question? Are views unique visitors? Does it include the person who was asking the question? Are only registered ...
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2 answers

How does the question page view/hit work?

I got an Announcer badge for a question that has only been viewed 12 times, yet: Announcer: Shared a link to a question that was visited by 25 unique IP addresses. How does the question page view/...
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13 votes
2 answers

Do not count views of the asker

As stated in the question "Does the number of views on an SO question exclude my own views?" the views of the question asker are included in the view count of a question. I think it would be a good ...
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Sort option: most views

When I'm looking at questions/tagged/<tag_name>?sort=faq views of SE sites, I often wish I could have a "most views" sort option. Especially if I'm completely new to a tag area and want to come ...
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10 votes
2 answers

Does "k" really mean 1000?

Due to this question and answer What are “kviews”?, I assume 1k = 1000, 2k= 2000... I don't believe it. Or maybe I am wrong. Please check the below images. You will see 2kviews. But when you ...
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No. of question views in Android app

There should be an indication about Total Question views, it should be either under Question title or votes. One more thing, it would be looking good if question views can be accommodated inside ...
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4 answers

Why are questions getting fewer and fewer views?

I used to be able to ask a question on Stack Overflow and get 20+ views in about 2 minutes. Now, I get less than 5 views in 2 hours. Did something change?
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2 answers

Bug with Display of Thousand Views on MSO

This has probably been reported already, but still, the k on the number of views for thousands isn't displaying properly: alt text Yeah, pretty ...
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Update number of views of a question with AJAX

Currently some things on a question page update "dynamically" (with AJAX without page reload). That includes the number of votes for a question and some other things. I propose to update dynamically ...
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29 votes
4 answers

Display question view counts above 1k as n.n kviews until the count reaches 10k

This is a rather trivial request, but I would imagine trivial to implement as well. I just received a notable question badge on SU and when I look at my question list, it says 3 kviews, even though ...
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3 answers

The mystery of the tagged answer - and more

It is (currently) not possible to tag answers. Yet, if I query Data Explorer, then one answer does have a tag, namely javascript. I'm at a loss: how did that happen?† SELECT Id, Tag FROM Posts,...
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