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Make it easier to determine the question's programming-language on Stack Overflow [closed]

Often, I find it difficult to quickly identify the language I'm looking at. Sometimes it is not obvious, and I need to scroll down or look in the tags. I feel like it should be specified right at the ...
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Certain escape characters can be copied while editing, but not after

(First off, this has nothing to do with backslashes) While editing my answer to a Code Golf challenge, I noticed that a certain escape character behaved in an odd way. The specific character is \x1b. ...
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Should I be able to read/interact with a deleted post?

I was on the Biology Stack Exchange (where I have in the low 100 area of rep currently) and stumbled across a deleted answer: It's harder to read the text through the screenshot, but it states: i ...
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Indicating education status on Stack Exchange forums

In the age of information and, subsequently, misinformation, I was wondering if sites such as Stack Exchange (and all its companion websites) have considered allowing for users to verify educational ...
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Can you add tags in 'Similar questions' block for each displayed question?

I read that 'tags' on Stack Exchange are 'prohibited' in titles. Should questions include “tags” in their titles? So, to clearly identify a question, we need to read its title... and the tags. ...
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Permanent deletion, perhaps [duplicate]

Do we have a way to permanently delete posts? My mobile browser accidentally submitted a half-answer on this question, and in a fit of idiocy I wrote another answer from scratch and 'deleted' the old ...
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Why does sometime a question only get visible publicly after 3-6 min of posting?

As far as I have observed, after posting a question, the post is not publicly visible for like 3-6 mins or maybe less. After that, the question shows up. However, the question is visible to those who ...
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What affects the visibility of a question?

I have been a regular user of the UX Stack Exchange website for about 2 years and I have always wondered about what brings more views to the question. And not just within the aforementioned site or ...
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Reputation still showing for hidden communities on network profile

I've noticed that, for users with hidden accounts, it's still possible to see reputation changes on their hidden communities from their network profile, yet it is not possible to see the hidden ...
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2 answers

Make self-accepted answers rise to the top

There has been a very large amount of confusion about self-accepted answers not rising to the top of all other answers. For a while, it wasn't possible self-accept answers. Then this blog post came ...
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"Votes" is not a good representation of activity on a question

On the front page of any SE site every question has tallies for Votes, Answers and Views. However, Votes does not properly tally the actual amount of votes, rather it shows the net total of vote ...
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How do I look into the gift horse's mouth? (aka, how do I find out why my old answer got many upvotes today?)

I come to SE one evening, and to my vast happiness discover that I have just earned 70 rep points due to 7 upvotes on a single answer. This causes me to think deeper. No, not about whether it's ...
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any option to show my answer above upvoted answers? [duplicate]

I have answered a question. I would be the 25th to give the answer. My answer is shown at the last in the list. I am sure that my answer is correct and will solve the questioner's problem. How can my ...
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Do bounties have more effects on a question's visibility?

As we know, a question with an attached bounty will most of the time get a visibility boost, mainly for two reasons: Users will be attracted by the potential reputation gain and will check the ...
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Change the threshold for migrated questions showing up on the front page

If a question is scored at -4 or below, it doesn't show up on the front page of the site. This is current functionality When a question is migrated to another site it is locked on the origin site. ...
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2 answers

Why I cannot see the number of people who earned badges "Constable" and "Precognitive"

I took a look at this place: Badges I would like to know, why I cannot see the number of people who has been prized with "Constable" and "Precognitive" badges? Nobody has been ...
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Change the link to deleted recent answer in case the question has been deleted

Currently if a question is deleted, users with <10K will see a broken link in their list of deleted answers. For example, on one of the sites a link to one of my answers results into a 404 page. ...
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The lines on the Reputation graph's area selector are invisible in Chrome [duplicate]

This concerns the graph view on the reputation tab of your profile. (i.e. this thing) In Chrome, the area selector doesn't show its bars. Something similar appear to have been reported in 2011, but ...
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Comments to make the answer more visible [duplicate]

Please have a look at this question. It has 4 answers, out of which 1 is deleted and another one has been posted by me. There is another answer which was posted a minute later after my answer. Since ...
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Do not grey-out comments on greyed-out Answers [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: It is hard to read (comments at) a downvoted answer If an Answer (example) is heavily downvoted, it gets greyed-out, which is fine. The problem is that the punishment is also ...
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Please make blockquotes more visually distinct from code blocks on SO [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Improving Blockquote style This is a small request only, and easy to do. :) Currently blockquotes and code blocks are rendered as virtually indistinguishable gray areas. ...
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Horizontal-scroll frame and buttons misplaced on MSO [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Big white box obscures the body of Image One: Image Two: I circled the areas where I see issues. The content is covered. Two images are necessary to ...
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Private tags - Can we enforce NDAs?

It has been explained (and I agree with this) that SEI has no obligation to enforce NDAs. However, enforcing NDAs may enable some of our community projects. For example, Gaming would like to have its ...
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Deleted answers now invisible to authors below 10k under EL&U and SO

I've just tried it again to make sure before posting this question but since one or two days at least, whenever I delete one of my answers, it becomes invisible to me. Evidence I've just deleted ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can a low-rep user see their own deleted questions/answers?

Let's say there is a user who has 1 rep. That user asks a question/gives an answer, and I can see its going in the trashcan. I then add a comment to it before it gets deleted. I'm wondering if ...
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10 votes
1 answer

Extend the visibility of the deleted questions to users who favorite

I don't know why the visibility of the deleted questions is limited to 10k+ users, but I suppose it's done to help people to find the right answers and not waste their time on bad questions. If my ...
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How can people answer a question that's not yet on the feed or on the Questions page?

Sometimes I see a question popping up on the Questions page (10 seconds ago it wasn't there) and when looking at that question it's already answered. Actually this question is one or two minutes old, ...
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Is the "Sponsored links for this tag" ad block visible for everyone?

With regards to the ad block that is shown when you use a sponsored tag in search, or clicking on it from the Tags page, is this visible for everyone or is it hidden for users with rep > X?
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