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Questions about the 'votes' tab on the user profile page, which contains a list of casted votes.

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Add distinct context for vote tabs for localization purpose

For translation purpose we need to different translations for the same words, in particular on user profile page on votes tab: At least the "Undelete" and "Reopen" should have ...
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Show votes cast table content in one line if possible

There is the table on the votes tab: As you see the dates displayed in two lines despite enough horizontal place to show them in one line. It looks ever more weird for non-English sites, like on ruSO:...
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See the close reason I selected on close votes in my personal vote history

I can vote to close questions (I got enough reputation to do this). I can see my voting history (Votes > Closure in profile). However, I can't see what I voted to close questions as. Can we have this ...
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Can I see my own self-deleted posts in the delete votes tab only if I have 10k+ reputation?

For users who have privilege to see deleted posts (=10k+ on graduated sites), it is easy to find their own deleted posts simply by searching for deleted:1. For users with lower reputation, there is ...
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Username in the Votes Cast section of the profile page of mobile web

If you open your profile page in the mobile web version of site, you can see your name in the Votes Cast section. For example in the my profile: Why username exists in this section? Is it really ...
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Why are votes on comments not shown in the "votes" tab of one's profile?

People can vote on comments, same as on posts. The "votes" tab of a user profile shows upvotes, downvotes, close votes, delete votes, and some others, but doesn't include comment votes. Why is this?
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Sorting Unanswered Questions by Vote does not work

(This problem appears nondeterministically, but frequently. So you might not see what I am seeing when you read this question!) I often observe that the list appearing under https://tex....
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Where is the Votes panel? [duplicate]

Before the panel was visible how many votes I used pure per day near avatar. Tell me where it went and how it can cause. Votes may limit removed? Previously, it was 40.
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Why doesn't the number of downvotes listed in my profile match the number in the detailed list?

Over on mathoverflow, my profile says I've made 13 downvotes. But when I click on "view more" under "Votes Cast", there are only 5 downvotes. What would cause such a discrepancy? I apologize if ...
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Different Value of Votes in Profile Page (Summary Tab vs. Votes Tab)

When I visit my profile page, in the Summary Tab it shows that "601 votes" have been cast. However, when I visit the "Votes Tab" I find that it shows "585 votes" have been cast (and I'm looking with "...
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Why does the Profile popup link to the Voters tab?

When I hover my mouse over my name at the top of any page on Stack Overflow, a window like the following appears. (By the way, what is this called?) Why does votes cast link to the Voters tab ...
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Profile vote stats vs. Voters tab: delay, discrepancy, or just different data?

The most recent update to our voting record displayed on our profile pages now appears to take into account deleted posts, leading to significant drops in the total votes displayed for some users. My ...
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