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Peer voting on questions and answers gives users most of their reputation, and also usually controls how posts are sorted to the top.

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The moderator blocked user accounts due to voting violations [duplicate]

The situation occurred with two accounts: self SVBazuev and my daughter's AnnaBazueva. When she sees a question that she can answer, she does it. We often use one device, it happens like this: I look ...
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I can accept my own answer without waiting for 48 hours. If I retract the accept vote, it shows an error message [duplicate]

I accidentally accepted my own answer at The “View all” community buttons in the Community user's site profiles link to a server error page. When I accepted my own answer, I was shocked. Here it ...
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Error message “User has already voted this way. Undo the vote, or change the vote to continue” when trying to retract a delete vote [duplicate]

There is an existing question about the same error but when trying to unfollow: Error message “User has already voted this way. Undo the vote, or change the vote to continue” when unfollowing posts. ...
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1 answer

Error message “User has already voted this way. Undo the vote, or change the vote to continue” when undoing certain actions

There seems to be a bug where unfollowing posts, unaccepting an answer, and retracting (un)deletion votes gives this message: User has already voted this way. Undo the vote, or change the vote to ...
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Received response clearly meant for someone else to a support ticket; what happened? [closed]

My profile was suspended on Math Stack Exchange for voting to close questions that lacked context and didn't show any attempt. Other users who also voted to close those questions were not suspended. ...
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Voting for comments from the review queues doesn't work

If you click on the up arrow next to a comment from the review queue, the page scrolls and the voting doesn't work (printscreen is from Stack Overflow in Russian, but I think, the language isn't ...
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1 answer

How and when is voting fraud investigated? [duplicate]

As you all know, Up and Down voting questions on all Stack Exchange sites is a crucial part of network’s functionality, because it not only decides how correct or relevant questions and answers are, ...
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Should moderators override the community's "reopen" votes? [duplicate]

Currently, moderators can unilaterally close questions that the community voted to reopen, voting repeatedly even, which I've seen happen. If moderators are elected by the community, should they ...
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Strange color change when clicking the vote button and holding the mouse

I upvoted a question today and saw than when clicking the upvote button, there was a strange color change to a blue color that seems to be consistent across all sites. Example taken from Stack ...
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The vote button disappeared if I voted a question/answers without signing up [duplicate]

Today, I see this question on the TeX - LaTeX site. Command for Multiplying Integers I want to upvote the answers. I click the upvote. Oops, I forgot I didn’t even sign up an account for that site. ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Vote Button :active state not reset after mouseDrag

The Vote button got some styling changes [1], which introduced a state where the ::active color does not reset, whereas the arrow stays white, becoming invisible on the white background. Press (and ...
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Misleading banner: A retracted reopen vote means that you can't then vote to close the reopened question? [duplicate]

I found a strange bug the other day. There was a poorly formatted/asked question, on a site1 (that I am not a moderator of), that I voted to close. It was closed eventually with another two votes (...
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Add an option to sort answers by the viewer's previously cast votes

Motivation: When I sort by highest score, what I really want is that by default, what other people found the most useful is at the top, because I'm in a mode where I want to find things that will be ...
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7 answers

Does the network currently promote "shows no effort" as a good reason to downvote a post?

A little history. Many years ago the network settled for banning comments to low-effort-questions that contained "Let me google that for you" links in an attempt to be more "welcoming&...
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3 votes
1 answer

Why are you telling me to undo my vote when my vote is locked in?

When I hover over the upvote or downvote arrows on a post where I have voted, I see the following tooltip "this answer is useful (click again to undo)". I never really noticed the phrase &...
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1 answer

Allow high-reputation users or topic experts to "endorse" answers posted by other users

The problem I am a Physics Stack user and I made a feature request that I was told would be a better fit for the mother meta site. I am a user who primarily answers way more than I ask. In short, the ...
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3 answers

Question downvotes issues in regards to the points system [closed]

I noticed that recently I am losing reputation points due to a question that gets downvotes. I don't understand how I got the points in the first place, but that's a different story. I don't want to ...
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Voting on 24 answers in one day and then voting on a question shows a dialog saying you have 5 votes left, although it's actually 6

If you vote on 24 answers during an SE network "day" on a site, then vote on a question, the following dialog comes up: However, as indicated in the What are the limits on how I can cast, ...
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I am not able to figure out whether I voted or not and this is wasting my effort [duplicate]

I am not able to figure out whether I voted or not because of the colour of up and down buttons and this is wasting my effort because I do try to vote and then it tells me that I have already voted. ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Is it okay to make small edits to meta posts to change my vote?

If I see a meta answer that I voted on a long time ago, but I now have a different opinion on the topic and want to change my vote, is it okay to make a minor edit to the post so I can change my vote?
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0 answers

Why can a >1K user not see up and down votes on deleted questions and answers accessible to them from the history of a review queue?

I was recently going through the history of my First Questions and Triage review queues to see how I am doing. I clicked on "Looks OK" of a deleted question which took me to the screen with ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Should you undo your vote after an answer was edited?

Let's say you upvote an answer because it answers the question and helps OP fix a problem. Within a couple of minutes of upvoting, this answer is edited slightly - not enough to change it completely ...
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1 answer

List of places where new vote-button design hasn't been applied

Four months ago, we got a new vote-button design style. However, that new design hasn't been applied everywhere. Catija suggested that we do this to help out: While it'd be going the extra mile, if y'...
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Why are un-votes and their original vote dates not shown in timeline vote summaries?

I recently encountered an answer that I'd up-voted years ago. But since then, I'd learnt something that allowed me to now see a fundamental problem with it. (The post had been edited in the meantime....
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-218 votes
48 answers

If more users could vote, would they engage more? Testing 1 reputation voting on some sites

Update April 3rd, 2024 We have posted an update on the status of this experiment on MSO. Please leave any feedback, questions, or critiques on that post. TL;DR: We are interested in finding 2-3 Stack ...
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Are sock puppet comment and Meta votes retracted?

A user used sock puppets to self-upvote, self-bounty, and self-accept answers they'd ask questions on. It is unknown whether this included voting on Meta posts or on comments. Only one sock was ...
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11 votes
1 answer

How can I find out if I voted on a post with historical lock?

Other than laboriously going through my votes in my profile, is there any way to know if I voted on a post where the vote arrows are missing due to a lock? In this case it's a content dispute (...
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1 answer

Finding my upvotes on Data Explorer

This T-SQL finds all the questions I have answered on SO. I want to determine if I upvoted the question or not (as ...
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1 answer

The visual hint for a vote is less visible than for a retracted vote on Chrome for iOS

Problem: The visual hint for a vote is less visible than for a retracted vote on Chrome for iOS. I sometimes have to revote and reretract to understand whether I did what I want (voted or retracted). ...
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1 answer

What happened to my account? What am I suspended for? [closed]

Yesterday, when I wanted to log back into my politics.stackexchange account for a long time, everything was the same as with the new registration and all the progress I had there until now is gone. ...
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4 answers

Do we want the "Voting is different on meta sites" content to match the reality?

This is not a duplicate of A Proposal for More Constructive Downvoting on Meta: Express Disagreement by Answering the Question because this is not proposing changing the Meta Stack Exchange users' ...
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Why does long tapping a link appear to upvote the question?

On this question (please don't cast test votes on it), I used a long tap (approximately where the red is) to see where the link led. However, it caused the upvote button to become highlighted, as if I ...
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0 answers

New vote-button font hasn't been applied everywhere

A while ago, the vote buttons were changed across the network. There were a bunch of design issues and bugs that came along with the change, and though a few of them have been fixed, some still remain....
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12 votes
0 answers

Upvote / downvote indicator lost after edit

When I edit a post, and return to the updated page when saving the edit, the upvote indicator to show that I had previously upvoted the post is lost. This seems to be related to the recent and ...
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34 votes
1 answer

Have voting patterns changed significantly after the recent change in voting button arrow style?

Two weeks ago on May 30, a change in the vote button style went live on the network. Instead of large triangles, there are now smaller triangles with larger circles around them and changed color ...
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-46 votes
2 answers

Could SE actually work without voting?

So content will simply be "bumped" with the most recent interaction or update, like the usual forums/threads, etc. I have very rarely voted on anything in recent years (usually just looking ...
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5 answers

If bad AI content gets upvoted, is the voting system the problem?

Summary If bad AI content gets upvoted, can we use that as an opportunity to understand & improve our voting system? Should we focus more on the fact that bad AI content is bad, and not that it ...
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9 votes
0 answers

Vote button remains highlighted after retracting the vote

The recently changed vote buttons remain highlighted after retracting the vote: When you retract your vote the button remains highlighted (with lighter colors), highlighting disappears after tapping ...
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-46 votes
4 answers

Possible solutions to why there is still so much 'attitude' and condescension on S.O. after there's been work to eliminate it

Why does SO have so much attitude and condescension, even after several measures have been taken to eliminate it? We can and need to do better Problem: S.O. still has so many people with a bad ...
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21 votes
0 answers

Vote buttons in the banner are different from the actual vote buttons

When you visit a site you haven't joined yet, it shows this banner: The current vote buttons don't match with the ones in the banner. Is there a redesign in progress for the banner? Note: From my ...
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66 votes
6 answers

I can't see if I've already voted on something

On many sites, I can't see the slight color change that indicates I've already voted unless I look very carefully. This seems like a massive accessibility issue, given that my vision is above average ...
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-563 votes
46 answers

We are graduating the updated button styling for vote arrows

Update This experiment has been graduated. The new styling for vote arrows is now live across the Stack Exchange network. About a year ago, the Product team, focused on improving the general ...
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0 answers

Add a way I can see the comments I've upvoted

I know that this question has been asked multiple times like here and here. But as you can see, by visiting the links, most of the times the question has been closed without any resolution. Hence, I'm ...
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-28 votes
2 answers

Allow me to block other users from close-voting my posts to prevent harassment and trolling

The Problem: My daily flags are spent on a handful of people, who I see again the next time I log in with the same nasty behavior. They won't get banned, they actually have huge positive reputations ...
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Resulting score for nominees on primary phase of moderator election [duplicate]

Notice on primary phase of moderator elections states: The candidate vote scores are public when positive but the minimum score shown will be -1. Could someone clarify, in which cases resulting ...
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-12 votes
2 answers

Should ongoing support be rewarded with additional upvotes?

I direct your attention to this answer which has been sustained and updated over time. Reading through the answer shows how times change and improvements warrant readdressing questions and answers. ...
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Review queues: After only upvoting, should I choose "Looks OK" or "Other action"?

I recently started using the "Late answers" queue on Stack Overflow, but I suspect my question is relevant for other queues as well (though the answers may differ). I am unclear about the ...
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13 votes
0 answers

"Score of" loses translation after voting on question

In the review queues the score of a question (related to the currently reviewed item) is displayed, e.g. in the low quality posts queue: Here all looks fine until you make a vote on the question. ...
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-6 votes
1 answer

Why do people vote much more readily on Meta than on other sites?

I noticed that on Meta the vast majority of posts are either heavily upvoted or are considered preposterous and are heavily downvoted. Whereas, on other sites like Stack Overflow, the vast majority of ...
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How can I reverse an upvote which I didn't realize I had already voted on? [duplicate]

I accidentally upvoted a comment and a box appeared. (Since I don't keep a ledger of my votes.) How can I erase the errant vote? I was afraid to hit the flag icon. Is there a way to tell when I have ...
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