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Do serial voting detection scripts really work?

Last month (Jan 31 to be precise), I observed that 8 of my answers on Unix & Linux were upvoted within a couple of minutes. It seemed like serial upvoting but I decided upon waiting to see if it ...
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Can more than 5 votes be cast to close a question? [duplicate]

The Stackoverflow FAQ for voting a closed question states Users with 3000 reputation can cast up to 50 close votes per day. When a question reaches 5 close votes, it is marked as closed, and ...
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Does voting anomaly detect this?

I'm having all my question downvoted regularly in orders they appear in my profile. Interesting is that it's only done at a pace of 3 a day. Is it some kind of attempt to circumvent anomalous voting ...
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Targeted "malicious" downvotes [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Serial Downvoting Victim I appear to have been the target of a spate of what certainly appears to be malicious downvoting over on SO, One question on here suggests that I ...
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How does the vote-cancellation mechanism work?

Today, I was a victim of an "upvote cluster" cast by a community member as a result of his satisfaction with an answer of mine. Naturally, this upvote cluster is expected to be caught by the voting ...
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Does the voting anomaly detection mechanism play well with niche tags?

As many of us already know there are mechanisms in place to detect vote fraud and voting anomalies. Obviously, the exact inner workings of these mechanisms can't be discussed openly, or else people ...
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