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Badges awarded for voting activities on the site, including two bronze, one silver and one gold badge.

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Move similar voting badges to the same groups

Context I'm talking about the Badges page for each site. There you can see six voting badges: Supporter Critic Suffrage Vox Populi Civic Duty Electorate Problem Every voting badge resides in a ...
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Please revoke badges gained by abusive voting

In this discussion (not feature request), waffles answers: ... if we find that people are abusing the system their accounts may get suspended. I would consider that kind of behavior abuse. Well this ...
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Vox Populi is impossible [duplicate]

Right now, I have 0 votes left on PPCG. However, Vox Populi says I have voted 33 times. Is this a bug?
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How did I get the Vox Populi badge?

I only count about 35 votes in my votes tab. The description says that I voted my max of 40 votes. How is that possible? Does this include deleted posts that I do not know about? And if that is true,...
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I ran out of votejuice, where's my Suffrage badge?

This Sunday, I casted the maximum 40 votes in a day. That is, I got a message saying that I had exhausted my vote limit for the day. However, I don't have the Suffrage badge. Where did it go?
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I am not receiving the vox populi badge, and I am not allowed to vote anymore [duplicate]

Whenever I try to vote, I get Daily vote limit reached; vote again in 2 hours., it has been like that for over an hour, and I still hadn't received my Vox Pupuli badge. My stats are showing that I ...
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What's the purpose of Vox Populi badge? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: List of all badges with full descriptions What's the purpose of Vox Populi badge? I've learned that each badge on StackExchange is promoting some kind of behaviour, which the ...
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Silver version badge of vox populi?

How about adding a silver version of vox populi badge? That should encourage people to vote more.
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Badge count is incorrect on profile page

I see a badge count discrepancy between the badges listed in my profile's Accounts section; it shows extra bronze badges on my Meta and SO accounts. Correct badges: After looking for other examples,...
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Vox Populi, Civic Duty, and Electorate badges being awarded en masse

I've just been awarded the Vox Populi badge on Meta Stack Overflow, Stack Overflow, Gaming & WordPress. I don't think I've voted once today, let alone 40 times on each site. Reports indicate that ...
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Where's my Vox Populi badge? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Does Vox Populi badge require that all the 40 voted posts are not deleted by end of day? I was a very good boy yesterday, voting 40 times (and getting the message that told me ...
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22 votes
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Does Vox Populi badge require that all the 40 voted posts are not deleted by end of day?

After the introduction of Vox Populi badge, I remember ever having used all the 40 votes in one day for three days. The last time was the day before yesterday. However, every time some of the voted ...
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12 votes
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All of a sudden my 'Vox Populi' badge is gone. Why?

Something strange seems to have happened. Up until yesterday I was the proud owner of the 'Vox Populi' badge. But this morning when I logged in to StackOverflow I noticed my number of badges was one ...
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vox populi with 30 votes?

I just got my vox populi badge, which says in the description that I used my 40 votes this day. My vote counter now shows 32 votes for today, and two of them I casted after the badge - which means, I ...
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Vox Populi badge, but no Suffrage badge?

Today I received my Vox Populi badge on the skeptics site, but I had no previous Suffrage badge and didn't receive one. Aren't the requirements for Vox Populi stricter than the Suffrage badge, so ...
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Why is the Suffrage badge awarded for using only 30 votes when you get 40?

Being new to the Stack Exchange family of sites, I noticed that on Stack Overflow I am given 40 votes per day, but the Suffrage badge description states that it is awarded when one has: "Used all ...
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13 votes
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Suffrage abuse?

Just noticed all new questions on SO getting a single up-vote each. That looks rather suspicious - all upvoted within seconds of each other. Is someone trying to achieve the Suffrage badge without ...
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Can we enable multiple awards for the Suffrage badge?

The suffrage badge is a new badge that encourages frequent voting (upto the daily cap) for reasons laid out here. The badge can be awarded only once. I have a suffrage badge over on cstheory as do ...
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Can the suffrage badge be achieved multiple times?

Can the Suffrage badge be achieved multiple times? The text Used all 30 votes in a day Isn't clear.
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Can the anti-serial-downvoting mechanism revoke the Suffrage badge? [duplicate]

If a user serially downvotes someone so much that they use up all of their votes for the day, earning the Suffrage badge, will the daily anti-serial-downvoting mechanism revoke the badge? If it won't,...
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