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Waffles are supreme. That is all.

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1 answer

Where do I put these [waffles]?

I've never fully understood the waffles tag. About half of the tag's current questions seem to have nothing to do with waffles per se, but seem to include the tag as a point or humor or whimsy. The ...
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7 answers

What is a meta for?

A guest at my house over the weekend stood puzzled next to my driveway. "What is that for?" she asked, pointing to a framework of 2x4s and hardware cloth perched on an old tire amid piles of ...
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Should [waffles] be burninated?

I don't get the point of waffles. Nearly all posts with that tag are humorous and unnecessary or necessary, constructive, but waffles have nothing to do with them. Also, from their tag wiki: Waffles ...
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57 votes
1 answer

What is "0 down vote favorite"?

I recently reviewed a First Post that began with "0 down vote favorite." I figured it was just some weird thing that was written in that question, but then I searched on Stack Overflow for the phrase "...
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55 votes
3 answers

No more waffles?

waffles. Ordinary member? He's no longer in the Stack Exchange team page nor in the moderators list of any site. He was part of the team from almost the beginning, doesn't he deserve a big farewell ...
5 votes
1 answer

Community user: "Waffle-trim"?

Experimenting with server-side spelling/grammar checking? (Click for full size.) Source
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48 votes
11 answers

Meta Image Contest

On Meta, we have many 'meta' memes. Unicorns, waffles, etc. We even have an entire sub-category of memes specifically designed for images, such as free-hand circles and lens flares. Well, it is times ...
40 votes
2 answers

Where can I purchase a keyboard waffle-maker like the one on the Meta 404 page?

Where can I find one of those cool keyboard waffle-makers like the one on the Meta 404 page? I'm interested in possibly getting one for myself.
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50 votes
4 answers

The Official Stack Overflow Bunny [closed]

Messrs. and Mesdames, I, Chacha, would like to ask the community of Stack Overflow to acknowledge the following bunny as the official Stack Overflow bunny. This bunny has been responsible for many ...
11 votes
2 answers

Unicornify on meta should include a token waffle

The unicornify script on meta is broken At the bare minimum it should include 1 token waffle in the image. I mean come on!
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-10 votes
7 answers

Reputation should be the new Chuck E. Cheese tickets! [closed]

We all loved Chuck E. Cheeses as a kid. Lots of games, a big weird looking mouse, PIZZA, and the coolest part! Tickets == Prizes! Well, since we've grown up we haven't had that kinda enjoyment. I ...
17 votes
6 answers

Why are some jokes closed and deleted and others are allowed?

I'm just curious why some humorous posts are allowed and others are closed and deleted (something I thought was considered bad practice).
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1 answer

Too many questions [closed]

I think there are too many questions on StackOverflow. It is just too much for anyone to answer! I mean, I could spend my entire life trying to answer all the questions on StackOverflow. Just to ...
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9 votes
5 answers

Community "Waffle" Your Posts [closed]

Installation Description Following a recent question, I decided to create a Greasemonkey script that will "Community Waffle" all ...
52 votes
11 answers

What is up with the waffle fetish? [closed]

Setting aside the fact that waffles were created in the seventh circle of hell, cause suffering and apocalyptic horror wherever they are witnessed, and are instruments of pure evil, where did the ...
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7 votes
2 answers

Voting limit conflicts with remaining votes for the day

You're on. You play fast and loose with the votes because, hey, it's all for the good of the community anyway. It's not like your opinion or expertise in knowing what's right or good doesn't matter. ...
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32 votes
5 answers

Formatting Keyboard Shortcuts for Comments

Ever since we got the ability to format comments, I have abused it mercilessly. I put quick code snippets in there all of the time. And I find myself often highlighting a word or two and hitting Ctrl+...
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2 votes
3 answers

Transferring StackOverflow experience points to Perlmonks [closed]

I'm thinking of cashing in my sweet and juicy StackOverflow reputation waffles into Perlmonks bagels. Does anybody have a perl script to do this?
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