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Layout bug on desktop web: spacing and alignment of the Next Privilege popup's Learn More button [duplicate]

Steps to reproduce: Log in. Go to your profile for any SE site (not your network profile) Click on the "next privilege" progress bar. What's wrong: The text showing your numeric progress ...
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Expanded wrappers in "All sites" page overflow to the right [duplicate]

Navigating the "All sites" page, with my browser maximized at my 1280x1024 px screen (this is not critical - the point is the full contents just fit the viewport, no horizontal scroll bar visible), ...
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Web page notification [duplicate]

When I receive a reply on a comment or thread I created or opted into on chat channels such as Slack or MS Teams opened in a web browser I receive a small banner that extends from the bottom vertical ...
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User card senses danger when chasing tricky "edit tags", runs for dear life

A few very weird things are going on. First I noticed on this question that when I hovered over the tags, "edit tags" appeared on the next line, and so was unclickable: As I was reporting that ...
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Why is the front page different on the web versus mobile app?

I've noticed that the front page of SE sites is different depending on whether you're viewing it using the mobile app or the web app. These screenshots were taken at the same time. The "At smaller, ...
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Is "today" for reputation considered a different interval in the Android app versus web-app?

These two screenshots were taken at the same time. The values for many of the questions are higher for the web-app. Maybe it is because the Android app considers some of the rep I gained to have ...
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Which Stack Exchange site to use for dynamic app development tool questions? [duplicate]

We are building a dynamic app development platform. Its approaches are directly aligned with the way apps are built using code though it's a complete drag and drop and no code system. Though ...
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I just made an XKCD comic markdownifier for Stack Exchange!

We like to post xkcd comics here. So I decided to make a script that automatically creates markdown for a comic. Try it online here! Teh Code and other details import urllib.request as request ...
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How to sync answer/question draft between the mobile app and the web site?

Sometimes I find myself start writing a question, or start answering a question, in the mobile app and there are times where I then reach my computer or find out I need to be more comfortable when ...
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Well surelly unicorns and unicoins have made my day for today [closed]

How long it will last though? More detailed information needed.
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Among 10 sites that I open them daily, Stackoverflow is the fastest one, How you made that? [duplicate]

I knew this question might be more technical, but amazing to know at least some background information about hosting model and how a dynamic site with millions of users can be navigated very fast... ...
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How to post successfully with large code [duplicate]

I have some issues in my html code. but unable to post question as it said "it looks like your post is mostly code. please add some more details". how can we overcome this issue. Thank you...
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What template is based off? [closed]

I have seen the question answer template used on Stack Overflow several times on other sites– but I can't figure out what it's called. How does one go about making a Q&A site like Stack Overflow ...
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Searching for this great answer on Stack Overflow

A while back I was reading through various question/answers on Stack Overflow. I stumbled upon one question (related to web technologies, maybe REST?) that had a beautiful and humorous response ...
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What stack is stackexchange chat built on? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is off-the-shelf or in-house built? I'm curious what the techonology stack for the StackExchange chat was built on. Does it use xmpp or did they roll ...
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912 views web/database server specs

What are the specs of the Stackoverflow web server(s) and db server(s)?
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SE site request: application research [closed]

I love the SO-family sites, and want to suggest a SE site for application research. By that, I mean a site on which individuals, companies and other groups could post information about computer ...
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How sites like stackoverflow,yelp sustained users during the beginning stages

Hi...As you can see, this is not a technical question :).But I was just wondering how sites like yelp,stackoverflow sustained the early stages. In the case of stackoverflow, there would not be much ...
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Where should questions on running websites go?

There seems to be a class of questions which falls between the cracks. If it is to do with .net or php then it is a SO question If it is apache IIS or general server/network configuration it is a SF ...
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Does have a counter or graph of "unique IPs of visitors"? [duplicate]

Where can one find "unique visitors" counters for the last day/hour/month? I guess I'm just curious about how much Stack Overflow has advanced since the "Overnight Success" article on Coding Horror.
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