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For questions about specific UI elements that have not yet been named.

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How do I put on a widget in my own Stack Exchange profile?

I saw that someone put a widget or .gif into their profile section on Stack Overflow. How can I put on a widget in my own profile? [UPDATE]: e.g. This user added a flair widget of Stack Exchange ...
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Multiple HNQ widgets don't work simultaneously [duplicate]

Having two or more widgets, I am facing a problem where only the last updated instance of a widget is clickable. I can refresh any widget with the refresh button, not open SE app by tapping the ...
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Why don't vote buttons move for locked or your own posts? [duplicate]

There is currently a feature in A/B testing causing vote buttons to move as you scroll up or down. I have also noticed, (mentioned here) that the voting buttons won't work if the post is your own, ...
3 votes
1 answer

New sticky vote feature doesn't work on directly-linked answers [closed]

I love the new js-vote-sticky feature that lets the question's and answer's votes stick to the top of the window while scrolling, but it doesn't happen with answers that are directly linked. For ...
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Changing what I see on the Hot Question Widget [duplicate]

I've just recently started using the 4x1 (Hot Question) widget for the Stack Exchange app. Is there a way to modify which site's questions are featured on the widget? I've noticed a lot of questions ...
42 votes
11 answers

Request for feedback on widgets for Android app

There have been a few different feature-requests for widgets on Android, and it's something we've been thinking about a lot recently. The next version of the Android app will include a small ...
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Add a widget that displays Hot Network Questions

The Hot Network Questions shown on the sidebar on every site are quite interesting and a widget that displays them would be a nice addition to the app. The list could be randomised and show only a ...
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Have a widget for the Android app [duplicate]

Would be awesome if we could get Android home screen widgets for the app. My preference would be something smallish like a User card (Flair™: )...
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Add an android widget to the Stack Exchange app

I'd love a scrollable widget that displayed the feed, possibly customising what was shown (i.e. hot questions, unanswered, rep changes, badge notifications etc.) globally or per-site. Ideally each ...
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Is there a Web Widget to display Questions with specific Tag?

I'm looking for a widget that I can embed on my own web site. The widget needs to display the latest questions with a specific tag. Is there such a widget? I've found StackTack on http://stackapps....
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0 answers

Careers 2.0 Widget [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Serve widgets from careers? What does the community think of widgets for careers? I would love it if I could have a widget on my blog. The flair widget exists , but the ...
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2 answers

Where do I get the widget that displays my ranking on all SE network sites?

I noticed a widget on Jeff Atwood's website that displays his ranking on all sites on the Stack Exchange network. Where can I get this widget from?
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4 answers

Are there any good Linux (Ubuntu) applications for Stack Overflow and Super User?

I love desktop widgets like KDE has, and I was wondering if there are any cool widgets for the Stack Overflow, Super User, and Server Fault family of sites for GNOME/KDE?
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Stack Overflow Widget

I'd love to have a Stack Overflow widget which randomly shows some of the questions being answered since there is a lot of activity on the site and most of it is interesting for beginners. Is there ...
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