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For questions about the title of the window itself. (Not for question titles; use the [title] tag for questions about those.)

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This year "Winter Bash" event page window title to be updated

As per this answer, the Winter Bash event is called "Winter Bash", with a space. In plain text: The official name of the event has always been Winter Bash, with a space, and that's how it's ...
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Why is selection of the first tag automatic? [duplicate]

The tag appearing in the title of a webpage in the browser is the first one that appears below the question. For example, in this question, the first tag appearing below the question is real-analysis; ...
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History page for Help Center articles is titled "Revisions to unknown"

Similar to Election: Questionnaire history is titled "Revisions to unknown", the history page for the Help Center articles editable by moderators, for example What topics can I ask about ...
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The "Tab Name" for Deleted Spam Questions still shows the Original Text [duplicate]

For questions deleted as spam or R/A, like this one, the question title (header) is replaced by the "System" with the following text: This question was marked as spam or rude or abusive and ...
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Election: Questionnaire history is titled "Revisions to unknown"

On the Mathematics election page, there is a minor bug in that clicking on a candidate's questionnaire history from the drop-down box [it looks like "history" has a larger font size?] leads ...
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No title for badge related pages in mobile version

There is no title for badge related pages in mobile version. For instance: Full site Mobile site I.e. html title tag is not filled for that page.
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Discrepancy between Stack Overflow Blog's title and content for author's name

The author page for John Au-Yeung document's title is displaying: Ryan Donovan, Stack Overflow Blog There, however, does not seem to exist an author by the name of Ryan Donovan.
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Change title for Retracted flags in the Flag History page

Currently, when choosing to view retracted flags, the title of the page becomes something like this: Or in words: (bold emphasis mine) Retracted Rude/Abusive flags raised by [my name here] I don't ...
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Search Results page title doesn't 'understand' search options

When using the is:q search option (= questions only), the Search Results page correctly notes I'm using a search option, but the page title thinks it's a regular search term: it shows "Posts ...
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Wrong page title in unanswered list questions page

(first discovered on SO) There seems to be a problem with title management on SE sites: In fact, the title displayed when visiting the Unanswered page on a SE site is "Highest Votes Questions", ...
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Notification Count in Title [duplicate]

Is it possible to include in the Title tag the number of notifications a user has? For example, say a user has 5 notifications in their inbox. The title would have (5) right before the rest of the ...
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If the $ in a question title is escaped, the \ is shown in the window title

The title of questions that contain a $ that needs to be escaped (the $ is part of code not the start of LaTeX) are not displaying properly in the browser window title. The \ used for escaping is ...
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Title is not set for Users and Tags pages for mobile web

Tags and User pages have no set title for mobile web. You can see it by inspecting HTML code or more easily more opening in the desktop browser and looking into tab's title. It would contains page URL ...
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SEDE Tutorial does not have a tab title

The new tutorial does not have a <title> attribute in the <head> of the HTML: My browser dev tools are telling me that it does have a <title> tag, but it is empty. This seems to be ...
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Question title is missing in answer's timeline window title

When viewing the timeline of a question (example), the title of the page contains the title of the question as well, e.g. using the given example: Timeline for Error viewing revisions list of an ...
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Per site Hot Questions list has wrong page title

On any Stack Exchange site front page, when mouse hover on the hot tab, the tool tip says: Questions with the most views, answers, and votes over the last few days And the questions are indeed ...
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What determines which tag(s) are shown on the webpage title?

How is it determined which tags are shown at the start of the question in the title of the webpage? This is related however the answer is incorrect as proved by this question which has no tag in the ...
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Tags are not prefixed in the <title> on the MSE question

We had a brief conversation regarding tags at the <title> tag of our SE questions in this question. According to our SE tagging system, most tags will automatically be prefixed into the title of ...
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Obfuscate spam in page title as well

Not long ago I noticed a blessed change that is obfuscating question title and body when it's deleted after getting valid spam flags. Question title becomes: This question was marked as spam or ...
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Show inbox updates in the page title

Background Recently New Feature: real time updates to questions, answers, and inbox was implemented. With this feature the amount of questions with new activity is shown in parenthesis at the ...
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Facebook notification style (3), etc. in the window title [duplicate]

Facebook puts a little (1) in the page title whenever you have a comment, etc. I find this really handy when I have a bunch of tabs open, and it would be great on Stack Overflow too. So, could we get ...
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Which tag is added to the page title?

Over at Why is the first tag sometimes in the <title> tag of some questions, Rebecca mentions To this end, the tag listed first on a question (sorted by popularity of the tag) So, what's the ...
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39 votes
4 answers

Why is the first tag sometimes in the <title> tag of some questions?

I searched through both Gaming's Meta and here, and couldn't find an answer to this. I was reviewing my questions on this morning and I noticed that in certain questions like ...
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