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Use this tag for questions related to using the Stack Exchange sites on the Windows 7 operating system. DO NOT ask questions about Windows 7 itself, they might fit on Super User.

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Vertical alignment is wrong for rep in new top bar hamburger menu [duplicate]

The site names and rep are not lined up correctly on the new top bar hamburger drop down: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit, Firefox 56.0
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Stack Overflow paging not working

I checked that Stack Overflow's paging is not working, I tried to change paging index from 1 to 2, but it is not working. To re-produce the issue, Step-1. Go to see the profile of any user - ...
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Where can I ask a question about Windows Mail?

I have a question about Windows Mail, as part of the online Office 365. Is there a suitable SE site to ask my question?
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What is the Stack Exchange site to ask questions regarding Microsoft Windows? [duplicate]

There is a site dedicated to Linux/Unix ( and one for Ubuntu ( as well. I have a question about Windows 7 command line regarding PostgreSQL. In ...
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Strange bug with the StackOverflow Inbox Panel links on IE11 in Windows 7

As the title says, there seems to be a strange bug in the StackOverflow Inbox Panel links on IE11. It could occur on other browsers too, but I tried Chrome and it didn't occur using that. It is ...
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Stack Overflow: trouble logging in with Firefox

When I connect to Stack Overflow and click on the "login" button, I am taken to the login page, as expected. When I click on "Google" (as I always have), the "Welcome back, Number8, you are being ...
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# sign appended to SO question links in Chrome

I'm on StackOverflow and when I click on a question to view the page pulls up but with a # at the end of the link in the address bar. So I am scrolled to the "Post Your Answer" textfield instead of ...
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Unable to enter login credentials in Chrome on Windows

I basically am a Linux user, but I have one Windows machine. In this machine I am unable to login to SO in Chrome. I get this, and can wait forever: This happens only on Chrome + Windows, I have ...
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WP7 Enthusiasts or Windows Mobile Enthusiasts site

I want to know like "Android Enthusiasts" is there any dedicated site in Stack Exchange for WP7 Enthusiasts or Windows mobile Enthusiasts ?
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I have installed the "Stack Overflow" Gadget on Windows 7, but it does not seem to do anything

I have the Stack Overflow Windows gadget running on my Windows 7 desktop; I have entered my User ID, but still the gadget does nothing. Was this a government stimulus project?
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Bug - Personal Finance and Money Q&A - Windows 7 Fails to Render But Windows XP Does?

My question on the Personal Finance and Money Q&A site doesn't render on my Windows 7 machines, but it does on my old Windows XP PC. From outside my personal LAN, I've been able to access the ...
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Blockquote doesn't work correctly

I select some text and use Blockquote (icon or shortcut). text stackoverflow select use Blockquote get this stackoverflow stackoverflow> stackoverflowstackoverflow stackoverflow Update: Sorry, I ...
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Search StackOverflow from inside of Windows Explorer

Note: Windows 7 Only Not sure if you've ever wanted to search SO from Windows Explorer but just in case you have here is a way to do it. Step 1: Copy this and save it as SO.osdx <?xml version="1....
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