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Use for questions about writing questions, answers, tag wikis, comments and chat messages in Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange sites.

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Use of strong words, modifiers, and hyperbole in per-site meta post titles disputing something

This is a follow-up of How should mods of per-site-meta with low / slow participation handle posts that if posted here will be negatively received?. The answer to that question said "there is a ...
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Is a question obliged to explain established technical terms that are unlikely to be known by the addressed audience?

A few days ago this question has been posted on Worldbuilding, asking about a hypothetical solipsistic society. Yes, it is vague and was ultimately considered as POB (primarily opinion-based, i.e., ...
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Let's hold language in comments to the same standard as posts

Through his never-ending sense of wonder and curiosity, my colleague Jon Ericson recently posted some findings on his exploration into the possibility of ...hastily written... questions essentially ...
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What is wrong with the tone in this answer?

Recently I got accused by other user for using unacceptable "tone" for posting the only helpful and reliable answer to their question. I am apparently not the most courteous dude in the world, I have ...
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What constitutes acceptable English on Stack Exchange sites?

It's well-established policy that English is required on Stack Exchange sites (language-specific sites aside). That policy led to the question of whether English means UK English or US English. The ...
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Which common English language errors and idioms make SO questions tough to read?

I hope this is the right place to ask this question, as it was first asked on SO itself by someone else, then at English.StackExchange, and both were closed. Which is fair enough, but it is something ...
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