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CM escalations - How we got the queue back down to zero

CM escalations are one type of request that the Community Management team handles. These are issues that Moderators send to the Community Managers when an issue needs to be escalated to someone on ...
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How to get edits of a particular question from the Stack Exchange data dump

I want to see all the edits that were made to a Stack Exchange question. In other words, how a question has changed over time, maybe by editing tags, removing grammatical errors, or something else. ...
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Label 'edited' in flag dashboard / waffle bar not vertically aligned

The flag dashboard and the 'waffle bar' have some labels which indicate potentially useful information about a flagged post (or a post for which one of the comments has been flagged). In the ...
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Where can I ask about UK Government policy?

I would like to ask the following. Why has the UK Government moved away from "Ministry of..." names? Traditionally, UK Government departments were named "Ministry of [blar]". For ...
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Login issue in Stack Overflow site on Android using Chrome in a certain case

On mobile (Android) I clicked on the Log in with GitHub button by mistake. Then I clicked the back button on the phone to get back to the Stack Overflow login page. On entering the userid/password and ...
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Adding a link to Meta when the Stack Exchange network is under maintenance

The following banner has been being shown at present when Stack Network is under maintenance. The site is currently in read-only mode; we'll return with full functionality soon. Follow @StackStatus ...
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How do I get my Gravatar image?

With the news that the Stack Exchange network may lose access to your avatar image from Gravatar if your email address changes. Is there a simple way to copy the image from Gravatar?
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Make comments left after selecting "recommend deletion" in the late-answers queue anonymous

I checked this list and didn't find this mentioned (and I couldn't find it in search), so I'm asking it as a new question. When leaving feedback on a question in the first questions queue, it appears ...
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First question workflow - Does Stack Exchange need a 'question needs more detail' canned response?

When I look at the First Questions queue I often encounter questions that make perfect sense, so the 'question is unclear' response isn't really appropriate. What the question needs isn't clarity but ...
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Three-vote close/reopen test - results

Three-vote close and reopen has been something I've been thinking about for ... a really long time. I'm really happy to finally be able to present the results of this test to you all. This post is ...
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Accessing a user profile from chat led to 404 error - Page not found

I saw this message in Tavern chat by a given user and I wanted to visit their profile, but heading to their profile page led me to a 404 error. I tried to search about this (I found this) and ask on ...
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Can communities object to their sites being sponsored?

On Super User, it was announced that the site would be sponsored by Amazon Web Services beginning September 27. I can see the announcement wasn't popular (it had a score of +3/-9 at the time this was ...
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The yearling badge notification is duplicated [duplicate]

Today I received my yearling badge for Code Review, but the notification was duplicated:
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Why is there so little traffic on Fridays?

I've just gained access to the site-analytics tools on Aviation.SE, and, looking at the traffic stats, an odd pattern shows up: The overall-pageview, site-visit, and new-visit stats all show a ...
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Is there a userscript which keeps track of the questions that I use as dup-targets?

I'm just wondering if someone has a userscript that keeps track of the links that one uses when closing questions as duplicate. The main purpose is to avoid having to manually create (and maintain) ...
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First answer queue showed me an answer by a long-time user [duplicate]

My first answer queue today showed my this answer: How to use structured bindings to set array's values? The answer history shows no edits. The answering user has been around since at least 2018 ...
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What is the future for Imgur and SE?

SE relies on Imgur for hosting images and avatars on public sites. Most of the content is text, but the images are often important as well. So the part that is delegated to Imgur is a pretty important ...
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Planned network maintenance scheduled for Friday, October 1 at 01:00-04:00 UTC (Thursday, September 30 at 9:00 PM-midnight EDT)

Note: 2021-10-01 04:00Z - Maintenance is complete. We didn't finish all the tasks and we have scheduled another maintenance window. Thank you for your patience! Note: 2021-10-01 01:00Z - Beginning ...
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Is the minimum bounty now double your previous bounty? [duplicate]

I wanted to add an extra bounty to a question I had already bountied (at 100 rep) to make its reward comparable to a very similar question I had also bountied. I wanted to add another 150, but the ...
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I can't delete an application from my profile [duplicate]

On this website, when I go to my Settings, then Applications, and I click on Remove, the view is scrolled to the top but nothing else happen. I don't see any web request in the network tab of my ...
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User labels, such as the Community user's "Bot" label, are missing in the "Reviewer Stats" panel

Since Please use the new Mod/Staff label tech to identify Community as a bot, I expected the Community user to always show a trailing "Bot" label. When looking at old suggested edit review ...
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Please tweak the behavior of the dupe "does this answer your question?" message so it does not suck

I have no problem with my question being closed as a dupe; hey, I got an answer! Yet, the way the "Does this answer your question" message works is not great at all. Let me explain. I post ...
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Have post previews surround blockquoted text in quotation marks

When a post uses a blockquote, the preview of that post obviously doesn't retain that formatting, but this means that the text runs together like it is one sentence. For a concrete example, here is an ...
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Stack Exchange API returns an empty array for tags on methods that return a list of answers

I was trying this filter to get the answers of a Stack Overflow user. But the tags array "tags": [], is always empty when questions have at least one mandatory tag (for example, see this ...
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Should Community’s profile page say "Hi, I'm not really a person.”?

The first few words in Community's profile page are Hi, I'm not really a person. Should these be removed? Arguments I can think of for removing. It’s redundant, the [bot] label is quite visible, and ...
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30 votes
2 answers

Removing granted access to an Application is no longer working

When you visit your profile on the tab Settings you'll find the option "Applications". It lists the Applications you've granted access. Each Application has a button at the right hand side ...
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Is null assignment of `ClosedDate` column of Posts table from Stack Overflow Data dump correct?

In the Stack Overflow data dump, I can see some posts whose ClosedDate column from the Posts table is null, but their PostHistoryTypeId = 10 (which represents post was closed) from PostHistory tables. ...
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Ensure that all relevant elections details are available on all screen sizes

Gardening & Landscaping is running an election at the moment. Users that log into …/elections from devices with differently-sized screens get vastly different levels of information regarding the ...
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WordPress site icon is not visible in the Hide Communities page, on all sites with Dark Mode enabled

In the SO (main and localized) Hide Communities page, the WordPress Development logo is virtually invisible: I would suggest making the icon white, like it is in the upper-left on the actual site, or ...
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Stack Overflow custom tags don't appear in browser on Android phone [duplicate]

When logging into Stack Overflow from Android phone using Chrome browser (may be from any phone using any browser), the custom tag filters and watched tags option does not appear. Is it possible to ...
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Can the 40 minute timer be removed for high reputation users across the network? [duplicate]

I often daydream and spend the bulk of my day thinking about up various topics. Once I have digested these topics into good quality questions I would like to, in one burst, ask perhaps three different ...
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Answer text doesn't correspond with notification text in followed question. Expected behaviour?

In a followed question, I noticed the notification and checked the answer - both after the fact by 7 minutes I noticed a discrepancy: Is this expected behaviour if a question's been edited within the ...
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Should/do we discourage edits, by privileged users or not, to off-topic questions that will end up deleted?

This is not a duplicate of Is "don't polish turds" a valid rejection reason"?. We want to prevent those edits from getting into the queue in the first place. That also focuses ...
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Does follow-post not notify when an edit that went through was suggested?

I've been testing/trying out the follow post feature. In this post, I was not notified of the edit. The edit was suggested and approved (not a direct edit). To be sure I checked my global inbox, and ...
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On which Stack Exchange site can I ask about getting information of YouTube's views?

I want to know how I can get the links of all YouTube videos with 100 million + views, so on which Stack Exchange site can I ask such a question?
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9 votes
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Reputation glitch after user removal

On Math.SE, after a serial upvoting followed by a user removal, there is a discrepancy between what /reputation reports, and the reputation tab in my profile. According to the former, I earned 80 ...
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Emails are autolinked in the new Stacks editor

I just recently submitted an answer written in the new editor that contained an email: [email protected] After I posted it, I clicked 'edit', switched to rich text mode, made some changes and submitted my ...
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2 answers

Getting information on why I was suspended after asking a question

I've been suspended on Super User after asking a question and also answering one. I'm wondering whether there is another way to find out why I was suspended and why my question and answers were ...
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The reopen process in the help center suggests steps that don't seem easy and/or possible. Documentation issue?

More than five years ago I asked a question about how to check the content of a non-optional value using guard. The first example of four, unfortunately, used an optional array as the input. The other ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Why have I received eight yearling badges for the same site today?

Note this is not Why am I getting so many "yearling" badges today? as these are all in the same site. I'm currently at 8 badges by my count. These are all for Information Security Meta. Any ...
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149 votes
18 answers

Updates to Privacy Policy (September 2021)

As you know, periodically we update our privacy policy. Today is one of those days: we've made a few changes to the privacy policy. The policy covers how we collect and use data on the entire network, ...
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Why can't I star this chat message? [duplicate]

I tried to star this chat message but the star immediately goes away and I get a message "It is too late to undo this operation". Staring other messages works fine.
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Why the "There were no net reputation changes on this day" despite no question/answer deleted and no votes received [duplicate]

I ran across on one of my SE profile pages (mirror): There were no net reputation changes on this day No question/answer were deleted (including by roomba), I received no votes this day, I didn't ...
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16 votes
1 answer

Answers that were deleted from the low quality queue before April 2014 incorrectly show as "converted to a comment"

On answers deleted from the low quality posts/answers review queue, there is normally a history event recording when the answer was deleted. However, such history events only began to be recorded in ...
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Error message in LQP queue asking me to "Please try again" led to multiple comments posted

I checked the LQP queue and there was an answer with a score of 1. As it had a positive score, I was given the option to Recommend Deletion. I first downvoted the post to 0 from the review page, then ...
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91 votes
8 answers

Profile image changes (Gravatar images won’t be recoverable after email change)

TL/DR: You won't be able to switch back to your old Gravatar image if you change your email (or have changed your email in the past). Please save and re-upload your Gravatar image if you want to keep ...
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Usernames starting with a multi character character are not rendered as expected?

For previous versions of this question, please see its history Usernames which include start with (eg) an Arabic Damma are not rendered correctly: Screenshot taken from Stack Overflow's homepage ...
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Error message when rapidly trying to flag comments is incorrect [duplicate]

If one flags comments in rapid succesion one could be faced by this error message: You may only attempt to flag this comment every 3 seconds. This happens regardless of the previous comment one ...
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Add a count of new questions on each tag since last visit in "Watched Tags" list

On Stack Overflow (and other Stack Exchange sites), we can create custom filters by adding tags one wants to watch. Would it be possible to add a count of new questions since the last visit to each ...
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Add a more obvious way to handle non-answers in the First Answers review queue

Let's go through a typical First Answers review of a non-answer from the perspective of a new reviewer. Here's what you see in the queue: It looks to me like I should pick one of those actions on the ...
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