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Did Stack Exchange's traffic go down since ChatGPT?

I was wondering whether the traffic of Stack Exchange sites went down since the open access to ChatGPT. There is so much gossip in terms of "Will programmers be unnecessary with ChatGPT? Will ...
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2 answers

Where should I ask a question about LinkedIn?

I have a specific question about how to use LinkedIn more effectively regarding my career. I'm a graduate student but the question is about industry. Which site would be the best for it? The Workplace,...
2 votes
4 answers

Can new users not be bait-and-switched?

As a new user on SE, I shared the common new-user experience of questions downvoted, and closed, and the feeling of being kicked around by (well-meaning) moderators, and perhaps worse, the suspicion ...
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0 answers

How are communities supposed to evaluate elected moderators’ performance when moderator actions are apparently anonymous? [duplicate]

If a community elected moderators to exercise a position of power and responsibility in the community, what continuing accountability or measure does the community have on the elected moderators’ ...
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0 answers

Please make all blue tags black and gray in per-site metas

In most per-site metas common tags have black (and gray) cards; an example is Meta Physics SE. But there are some sites that have colored common tag cards such as Meta Philosophy SE. And the color of ...
37 votes
1 answer

Delay in Data Dump release

Our quarterly publication of the Stack Exchange Network data (the “data dumps”) is currently delayed. While the process of copying and uploading data was scheduled to begin on Sunday, December 3rd, we’...
73 votes
3 answers

All Stack Exchange data dumps

The original ClearBits link to the September 2011 data dump has broken. How can I access it and other previous data dumps? The Internet Archive only has the latest one.
56 votes
2 answers

Let us view our deleted comments

If moderators can view and undelete comments, can we see comments we've deleted? We can see our deleted answers, but why not our deleted comments?
-11 votes
1 answer

Add possibility to save snippet of code in the user profile [duplicate]

I just had this need for storing a snippet of code, I made, for my future self. In this case, it was an attempt at parsing a file in an effective way in C, approximately 45 lines. I want it to stay ...
-13 votes
1 answer

Where should I ask questions about location based E-commerce websites?

Please let me know where can I ask questions about E-commerce sites? For example I want to know: Is there any E-commerce website or startup which is equally popular in United States as well as Japan,...
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0 answers

Feature Request: Add monetizing "super thank you" or also known as a "buy a coffee" button [duplicate]

I am writing this message regarding a feature request. I have contacted also support, and they said that I should post my feature request here, to be voted on. It would be cool if this platform could ...
7 votes
2 answers

Is it possible to start a niche site / community in Area 51?

I suffer from a rare chronic health condition (CSF leaks) and it has two major groups in Facebook with over 7000 members, over 100 posts/comments per day. It's a very helpful community, but the ...
642 votes
283 answers

Formatting Sandbox

Notes: Answers will occasionally be moved to the Sandbox archive when there are too many of them. When using them to report bugs, keep an eye on the post. You may also want to take a look at the ...
104 votes
39 answers

Help us identify new roles for community members

Update 2 (March 6, 23) We made a shortlist of the most promising suggestions from the answers provided, and we then shared our findings with Philippe Beaudette, our VP of Community. After some ...
-9 votes
0 answers

Shouldn't the "enthusiast" and "fanatic" badges count any visit to the website rather than just to the profile page?

QUESTION Shouldn't the "enthusiast" and "fanatic" badges count any visit to the website, or any action on the website, but NOT count mere visit to one's profile page? DETAILS ...
26 votes
2 answers

Explicitly mention the consequences of the different user destruction options

There are two options when destroying a user: While it might not look that way from the dialog, the consequences of the two options are somewhat different. Both remove the user and all their posts, ...
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0 answers

Magic columns and site:// do not work for alcohol.meta.stackexchange

The site Beer, Wine & Spirits has the URL but in SEDE it uses beer for the main site and beerme for meta. As far as I can tell, the shortcut site:// and the magic ...
49 votes
1 answer

2023 DOM Changelog for Userscript Community

Here's a thread to catalog any minor DOM updates we do throughout 2023 just to give folks in the user community a bit of a heads up and an official source of documentation around any DOM changes. ...
3 votes
1 answer

"See vote breakout" dialog confusing

Here the user presses "See vote breakout" but it apparently is not a button. And the second "See votes", the one I highlighted in magenta, is apparently just a dialog title. ...
43 votes
3 answers

Why is there a time limit/ waiting period before accepting an answer?

Why is there a 15 minute waiting period before allowing users to accept an answer on Stack Exchange?
8 votes
0 answers

Will developers listen to hostile podcast? (aka wrong URL of podcast iframe breaking it)

In the Will developers return to hostile offices? blog post, there is iframe pointing to the podcast episode. However, it's broken: For reference, this is how it should look like: (taken from this ...
209 votes
5 answers

Academic papers using Stack Exchange data

As a result of being interested in Stack Overflow data myself, the need arose to track other Stack Overflow-based research. The following is an attempt to list the academic papers mentioning Stack ...
98 votes
18 answers

Stack Exchange’s image hosting arrangement with Imgur is ending - advance notice

Since 2010, Imgur has provided image hosting services to Stack Exchange, but that hosting contract with Imgur comes to an end this upcoming April 2024. This April will conclude a 13-year-long ...
47 votes
4 answers

SEI's recent business decisions and concerns about its long-term financial stability and growth

Over the last several months, we've seen a number of events transpire that reflect an aggressive effort by Stack Exchange, Inc (SEI) to monetize its platform. The removal of Monica as moderator, ...
3 votes
4 answers

Searching using intitle

I still don't understand how search by title works on SO. The search help has the example: intitle:1 apples oranges What is that '1'? That '1' is making me feel stupid right now and sites which ...
10 votes
0 answers

How is the Overflow AI VS Code extension going to compete with the GitHub Copilot Chat extension?

(When I say "you" in this post, I am addressing the Stack Exchange company) The GitHub Copilot Chat extension already provides "agents" one can chat with to understand a project. ...
71 votes
21 answers

Update: New Colors Launched

November 22, 2023: To help with internal managing issues, you may see a reference number added next to the status tag on your post. These numbers don't determine the order or priority of issues but ...
14 votes
0 answers

Update to cookie consent modal for EU/UK users

Our sites feature a cookie consent banner to ask users for permission to store cookies on their devices. It currently looks like this: In order for us to continue to serve personalized ads in the EU ...
22 votes
9 answers

What is the view on accounts shared by multiple users on Stack Overflow?

It has been my understanding that accounts are suppose to be for a specific user. This user, Devart, is a company: LinqConnect by Devart. No doubt, this account has provided some quality answers. ...
6 votes
0 answers

Add a "go to page" when looking through unanswered questions

I am attempting to reduce the number of unanswered questions on one site. When searching through (unanswered) questions there is a menu at the bottom with pages 1 through 5 and then the last page. For ...
8 votes
1 answer

How can I export all results from a to multi-result-set-query to a CSV file?

In May 2014, the support was added to download result sets from a SEDE query. Today I used this query sp_help 'tagsynonyms' which gives six result sets: I needed the second result off-line, so I ...
126 votes
7 answers

Farewell Yaakov and thanks for the haiku!

You may soon notice one fewer diamond around the site. The amazing developer, tech lead, and community advocate Yaakov Ellis - user 51(!) - has taken an opportunity elsewhere and today, December 7th, ...
6 votes
0 answers

Markdown inside HTML tags breaks formatting when switching to Rich text mode

This behavior is relevant to the Stacks Editor (used by default in SO Teams, and as an optional mode here on MSE). How to reproduce: Enter the following text in Markdown (with preview) mode: <sub&...
10 votes
0 answers

Can we actually suspend accounts excessive discussion?

Yes, you read that right, but no, we cannot. Yet here it is: This account is temporarily suspended excessive discussion in comments. I think the "due to" was skipped, and it should read &...
4 votes
1 answer

What's the best tag to accompany the site-recommendation tag?

When asking a 'site recommendation' question, what tag should accompany it? Is there a rule, or general advice, or do we have to improvise in each case? When you only put the site-recommendation tag, ...
7 votes
2 answers

Where can I ask questions related to Sociology?

Apparently, there's no SE site that is specifically for Sociology or the Social Sciences in general, hence this question. I recently asked a question on Economics stack exchange, summarized here: A ...
-19 votes
2 answers

Is Stack Exchange vulnerable to manipulation by an artificial general intelligence?

I recently read the post Is Stack Overflow's reputation system vulnerable to manipulation? which was reassuring, but I'm wondering if it is likely that the tools and the people who use them could be ...
-5 votes
0 answers

Bad user experience in relation to questions closed as duplicate, more specifically about the delete workflow [duplicate]

My most recent question was closed as a duplicate. I'm not complaining about that. I got a notification in my "Rubén" Stack Exchange user account inbox. That is good. When looking at the ...
188 votes
11 answers

Reputation for comments?

I have seen many good comments that really improve the quality of questions and answers, and I think they deserve a bit of reputation (maybe just 1 point) for a upvote.
5 votes
0 answers

Problem with vote buttons—color change without actually voting

I've encountered an issue with vote buttons. I think it's a real issue when using a tablet (for reasons that will become apparent), but I've reproduced it in a PC browser. The new vote buttons can ...
15 votes
2 answers

Which Stack Exchange website for printer problems?

I have a problem with my printer and my Mac and Adobe illustrator. Which Stack Exchange website would I use for this? Is there a Stack Exchange website I would use for this? Adobe Illustrator's colors ...
3 votes
0 answers

Is it not recommended to accept an answer quickly, because it might not encourage users to write more answers? [duplicate]

A moderator told me to not accept an answer too soon because it hinders users from writing more answers. But the accepted answer fits my needs, AND it even looks like a Canonical Answer to me. Is that ...
15 votes
0 answers

Recently added translations don't reach the site again

Three months ago we had the similar problem: Recently added translations don't reach the site that was resolved during the week without any visible feedback from the staff. Now the issue arise ...
-26 votes
0 answers

Make "Accept all cookies" button biggest

Here are the familiar site cookie buttons. I propose that the biggest button be used for the "Accept all cookies" choice. That is the one we prefer users to press.
12 votes
4 answers

Why are some Stack Exchange sites so inactive?

Why are some Stack Exchange sites so inactive? For instance, Writing.SE shows questions from 2 weeks ago on its homepage, and it appears to have very low overall activity as well (including a large ...
7 votes
0 answers

Missing guidance in audits: Keeping in mind what guidance above?

I just 'failed' a First Questions audit. The message reads: STOP! Look and Listen. This was an audit, designed to see if you were paying attention. You didn't pass. Don't worry, we've already ...
-1 votes
0 answers

Additional option to handle offensive chat message in another language

While in chat, I received a request to review a potentially offensive message from an Stack Overflow en español chatroom: But since I only speak English, I cannot choose "yes" or "no&...
31 votes
0 answers

Site maintenance - Wednesday, December 13, 2023 @ 01:00 UTC (Tuesday, December 12 @ 8:00 pm EST)

We have planned maintenance that will impact Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange sites. The window is scheduled for Wednesday, December 13, 01:00 UTC- 02:00 UTC (Tuesday, December 12, 2023, 8:00 PM-9:00 ...
26 votes
0 answers

Don’t rate limit as much

Sometimes an capture shows too many requests instead of the site: I think (but I don’t have a link) that this ...
3 votes
1 answer

MathJax render issues in [duplicate]

I see following for this following question - How to wiggle sort an array in linear time complexity? I checked in incognito mode, in extension free Chrome instance (Version 119.0.6045.199 (Official ...

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