**TL;DR:** This is not a "dump and go" site for people that don't have a place for their questions, but *almost* a reverse Area 51 process. This is for high-quality lost questions to find the right site proposal that they deserve, not get stuck on an unsuitable site.

 - Questions are the lost questions themselves, as they would appear on the site they would have eventually.
 - Answers are suggestions of where an existing proposal could go, and accepting somehow links it to the proposal, once the question has been cleaned up, if needed.
 - Question up/down votes are how well the question fits the q/a format.
 - Answer up/down votes are how well the community believe the proposal fits the question.
 - Tags are for collecting alike questions, so that when a tag gets a proposal, all tag contributors are encouraged to join, perhaps through their inbox.


Should there be a mini-site for questions that don't currently fit in anywhere (don't have a site for the topic) in the Stack Exchange Network? 

## Introduction: ##

Perhaps as an extra-bit for Area 51, where any well-introduced user, when they have already had a good search around for where a question should go, and perhaps asked in Meta, can post a question. There the question could be housed, linked to a few tags, and with experienced users' help could improve the wording of this question.

Meanwhile, anyone on the main section of Area 51, could request to link either the whole tag (though a proposed site's question on the tag page), or the individual question (through an answer) easily to a proposal, and the question's creator will be notified that there might be a site for them, so that any Area 51 proposal would get a small boost.

I have come up with some questions that don't fit in the network and I don't want them to remain unasked / unanswered due to having nowhere to go. Similarly, I find creating a proposal in Area 51 incredibly challenging because although example question titles for an individual site are created during definition phase, creating a proposal from example questions is much harder. If there is a site for questions with the following features and restrictions, I think that it would be a good **temporary** home for lost questions and would not devolve into our hyphenated pals.

## Proposed features/restrictions: ##

 - Only association bonus (or higher network reputation, consensus pending) users can ask questions, since they have a view of good question layout.
 - "Where should question x go?", questions should be preferably asked before going here, to avoid mass-closing of questions on the minisite. However, this site is for when the answer is: "this is a good question, and it should really have a place on this site, but there isn't anywhere at all". Instead of turning users away, or encouraging them to create a proposal (which is _hard_, especially when trying to define a relatively broad site for a very few questions that share a narrow scope), they could use this site.
 - Finding the answer to the question, is finding an Area 51 site for the question in order to get a good quality answer for the question, once there are enough professionals or dedicated enthusiasts to answer it.
 - Accepting an answer, is accepting that the proposed site fits the question's target audience, and should be intergrated into the Area 51 proposal (much like questions about a proposal are automatically added to the proposal page).
 - Tags follow the normal guidelines, and perhaps have higher rep creation requirements to avoid one tag per question and similar issues.
 - Once a tag is big enough for its own site, it will be considered in meta along with the standard proposal system, then _eventually_ mass movals combined with a super-burnination-redirect system, some builtin moderator system, once the proposal enters Private Beta.
 - Area 51 proposals could have a section of the page with a small box, "Your proposal might already have a few more questions:". This could start at the middle of the definition phase, or maybe at the commit to avoid the initial purpose of the site being squashed by the influx. The question concerned can be be re-worded to fit the proposed site better while keeping the original purpose.
 - The original question creator will be notified of an "answer" to their question (a place where the question could go), and can then they can help the proposal with their input.
 - Private betas on the topic will have these questions migrated there. Users will be encouraged to use the site, to match up potentially active users with their interest's site. This also gives new sites good questions which they can further fine-tune to the site's needs.
 - All questions that are now on-topic for an existing site will be considered for migration, and tags on that topic will be heavily, if not forceably discouraged, offering users the chance to move their question over to a Private/Public Beta or graduated site if they or others agree that it is the right place for the question.

If you think that the idea can be improved, feel free to suggest improvements, or post reasons why / why not.