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a hyperlink

It works if you use two spaces in between. o.o It has to do with links following the criteria [alt_text] [link_name] (with the space between) as well. It's likely looking at [tag:foo] [a hyperlink] first and saying a hyperlink is not a valid anchor from the list, so not rendering.

It seems that when there is a series of three bracketed pieces of text, it will always connect the first two. For example, [tag:foo] [1] [1] will produce:

tag:foo 1

It looks at [tag:foo] [1] and [1] as separate links. So in the exmaple provided, it's looking at [tag:foo] [a hyperlink] as the first link, which is invalid, and [1] as the second link.

Likely they are calling their function to parse [tag:*] elements after they are calling their function to parse anchors, when it should be called before.