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Adding ID attributes to content in tag wikis?

A lot of focus has been rising for tag wikis lately, which is good, yes. However, if we are expected to put so much information into the tag wikis, shouldn't we also have some easy way to direct users to specific content within that tag wiki, rather than just saying "read through such and such tag wiki"?

For example, what if I wanted to direct a user to the specific FAQ answer for "Headers already sent by..." in the PHP tag wiki. It's a ways down on the page, not particularly in any good position. Sure, I could say it's the third question under the FAQ, but it would be a lot simpler if I could just type in a unique identifier for it to quickly and automatically direct the user to that specific section, rather than making them search for it. Example:


Attempting to manually set the ID via <dt id="headers-already-sent"> or <a name="headers-already-sent"></a> causes the element to be removed by the HTML cleanser. Can we get this enabled, or possibly add a way to add anchors which only contain an ID attribute, for quick jumping to a specific place on the page?