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Anyone with a "visited: 3333 days, 3333 consecutive" in their profile?

Back in May, 27th 2009, the Stack Overflow team introduced a little counter to monitor the consecutive days you visited the site.
And 30 days later (June 26th 2009), the first "Enthusiast" badges were awarded.

Today, 12th July 2018, is three thousand three hundred and thirty-three days later.

Today, 13th August 2017, is three thousand days later.
Today, 17th November 2014, is two thousand days later.
Today, 21st February 2012, is one thousand days later.

So I was just wondering if there was anyone else with that little value on his/her profile:

enter image description here

enter image description here

Because, for me, it was (and still is) worth every single day, as I explained in this post (back in 2012).

Thank you (again), Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange team!

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