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The Many Memes of Meta

The term "Internet Meme" is a phrase used to describe a catchphrase or concept that spreads quickly from person to person via the Internet (see: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meme_(Internet) for more details)

StackOverflow and now even more predominantly Meta-SO has seen more than it's fair share of memes spread like wildfire through the user base, and are now engrained units of our collective culture as SOpedians (a term which I hate, by the way).

It has become a more frequent occurrence where new users will be confronted by an engrained meme and be left sitting there scratching their heads. I therefore propose that this space be used be used to document the lighter sides of S[OFU]'s culture.

Each meme should be documented separately and I hope that we as a community will be able to provide greater context to each one.