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I got banned on Stack Overflow

First off, I don't question it. It was deserved. I intentionally sat on this guy's back and wanted him to feel harassed (simply because there was nothing else I could do) and there were other issues that were count towards the ban. But again, I post not because of the ban. I want to tell you a story behind it.

There are situations, when you see injustice and you are 100% sure but you can do literally nothing. Reputation whores are protected by the law. So the best you can do is to let it go and to move on. And the only my guilty is that I didn't obey to this Golden rule of Stack Overflow.

The question.

Nothing special, just one of thousands blunder questions. The code posted in the question body does actually work, it cannot produce an error the OP claims it does. All you can do is vote to close it as off topic. Or, if you are a rep whore, you can try your luck providing a nonsense answer, in hopes to get an upvote or two from ignorant passersby and a habitual accept vote from the OP.

The answer.

An genuinely pointless answer that initially mentioned two irrelevant issues, eventually reduced to one that doesn't even remotely address the problem stated in the question. Absolutely useless even as a comment, let alone being an answer.

The worst part is when you see that, you can do literally nothing.

  • flag it for the review? A hilarious suggestion, given the review is for the grammar/language issues only.
  • flag it for the moderator's attention? The same, moderators do not judge the quality/correctness.
  • vote to close the question as off topic? Given you'll never get enough voters, it's a waste.
  • write an answer? An answer which doesn't answer the question but explains why it makes no sense? These boy scouts from the review queue will be happy to trample it over.
  • write a comment for the OP? Telling they are outright wrong? One could find a better way to waste their time.
  • downvote? Yea, -2 reputation is a devastating blow.

The despair.

I cannot tell you how helpless I feel in a situation like this. There is no legal way to reason a rep-whore. There is no way to remove such a crap from the site. There is no way to stop Stack Overflow from spreading a yet another nasty rumor. So I went loose and just tried to blackmail the rep whore, telling him that his answer is a fraud (the comments I left under the question are now deleted but you can take my word). So it backfired on me. Again, I don't complain for that. But I wish to know, will Stack Exchange ever stop to cover rep whores and start doing do something to help those who care for the quality?

On the one hand, I quite realize that if someone wants to run such a populous site, they have to harness the worst parts of the human nature: laziness (encouraging zero-effort questions), greed (for the rep points), vanity (for the badges and other decorations). If zero-effort questions will be really banned, the number of questions will drop hundredfold. If rep whores won't be fed, then the traffic will drop, so the revenues. So...

But OK, let's take for granted that the site is run on the zero-effort questions, occasionally producing good content just as a side effect. But shouldn't be a there a tool to remove at least a blatant nonsense?

There should be a satisfactory way to deal with this kind of contribution. The key word is satisfactory. Means it should be fruitful. "Vote and move on" doesn't count. It should be feasible. Post on Meta every time it happens doesn't count. It should be something that works.

So, what a feature could be implemented that could help to wipe off topic questions and - especially - nonsense answers?