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We need better tags on Meta SE for this discussion and New Resources for Our Stack Exchange Network - Part 2, maybe for other threads (discussions, feature requests, support and bug reports) too. looks to be too ambiguous.

and look to be too broad.

AFAIK at this time there are , but there aren't tags for Spanish and Japanese sites.

Status tracking

We need status tracking "tools" for the new communication processes to clearly and timely identify which topics should be translated and the back and forth discussion between English speaking people and those who don't speak it.

Chat Rooms

We need an specific and official chat room to synchronously chat about the international sites.


We need elected international sites ambassadors. They could be the actual diamond moderators but we should know if they accept the resposability to represent their community on specific tasks related to the new communication processes. They should help on disputes / flags, "wrong voting" (i.e. votes about international sites issues from people that don't care about them / didn't notice the thread scope) and inter-cultural sensibility issues.

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