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For discussion purposes, here are the 22 tags removed over the course of the past two weeks, in the form of links to a Google-cached copy:

  1. forum
  2. aao
  3. chicken
  4. fakes
  5. harassment
  6. truncated
  7. shared-network
  8. shared-devices
  9. guest-posting
  10. move-to-chat
  11. svg
  12. impact
  13. stackpromos
  14. robotics
  15. delete
  16. respect
  17. robo-review
  18. youtube-channel
  19. junk
  20. sarcasm
  21. recruiting
  22. meta-feature-request

Caches will not exist for all cases. But for those that do exist, we can conduct an informed discussion as to whether this vigilante action is serving our needs or working against them.

Update: I've taken a quick pass on these and restored portions of: , and . Not naming any names, but... Some of the folks involved here were a lot better than others about replacing tags with other, roughly-equivalent tags.