2 of 5 gender identity is not a mental illness

How can SE and community improve respecting feelings of people struggling with their identity?

There was a (now deleted) question on MSO about freezing the meta room (10k link). The answer was that nasty things were said there, now the nastiness got cleared and the room was unfrozen when heads cooled down. All would be OK, but one detail came, that froze me. During refuting those unacceptable things said in chat (I believe they were like this as they are cleared now and I couldn't see them) the following statement came

We as a company provide inclusive spaces. That goes for our offices, our sites, everything. Conversations about you coming to terms with people not fitting your understanding of what an identity means are for your therapist, not a chatroom we host :)


Now, this really hurts. I have known people who have struggled with mental health and suicide. I have seen the impact it has on families. Dismissing anyone with "talk with your therapist instead" in my opinion has nothing to do with being inclusive to those, that really need therapist's help. And to those who stand behind them. And it didn't come from a random hater but from SE employee.

I believe this is against current CoC but still, it comes so easy and it seems that no one cares. Are there any plans to achieve a more welcoming attitude in this aspect? Are some CoC changes needed?