4 of 4 linked the revised FAQ and the archived version of the old one

Thank you for writing to us about this. This isn’t our final response here, but in the interest of being transparent and keeping lines of communication open, we wanted to respond with something as soon as possible. While this isn’t the answer you’ve been looking for, we wanted to update you on some of what we have been doing and what we have been working towards as an answer to these letters.

Since you posted,

  • We have created a clear policy for communicating with the press regarding moderator actions. This has been coded as “No Comment”.
  • We have shared our censure/removal and reinstatement processes for moderators with them for feedback last week. You can read more on this answer. These should be ready for moderators to use, and publicly available on October 22nd.
  • We are currently working on updating the FAQ (archived version) we posted to accompany the recent CoC changes, taking in mind and heavily basing it on the community suggested one. We will share the revised version with the moderators by tomorrow - and hope to have the feedback incorporated and made public by October 22nd.

As part of reviewing this, we are also taking our time to improve our internal communication processes so that we, the CMs, can more effectively communicate between our coworkers and moderators and the community at large. As part of our response to these letters, we want to have more details on this; as it entails structural change, it may take a little while.

Here are the points that we heard loud and clear from the letter and plan to address. Moderators and the community feel:

  • Distanced from us and unincluded in changes that affect your sites and roles.
  • Frustrated with long-standing problems seeming like you need to erupt on Twitter before you get our attention.
  • That the CoC changes give less autonomy and flexibility on how to moderate a diverse group of sites that are used by people from many different backgrounds.
  • That we do not actively support our Moderators anymore, and thus placed you on shaky ground. Including serious concerns regarding our statements made to the press.
  • That it is not safe or acceptable anymore, even dangerous, to disagree with Stack Exchange on matters of major policy.
  • That you want to see a roadmap and plan for how we can work together to repair this relationship, communicating more effectively.
  • That we do not pay enough attention to feedback and complaints from the Lavender members of our sites and do not take action when necessary as quickly as necessary.
  • That we have failed to make the rules apply to everyone equitably and consistently, leaving attacks without real consequences.

A final key thing we are working on (and planning to start implementing gradually) are avenues for improved feedback on projects while they are in progress and before they ship. Depending on each project this could mean focus groups, 1:1 interviews, research, or open calls for feedback. We are committed to working alongside the community and you should be hearing more about it soon.

The Community Management Team.