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Checking in with "Monica" users

On 2019-12-23 Monica Cellio updated her GoFundMe to announce a legal settlement with SE Inc.

(Latest) Since that day, I've been wondering if (or what) that means for that unorganized ad-hoc "campaign" that got a few hundred (?) community members to alter their display name (and ideally their profile information) to make a public statement of support for Monica.

My questions to such users are probably a déjà-vu1:

  • Are you satisfied with that legal agreement?
  • In any case, what are your next steps? Do you for example intend to keep your "Monica-supporting" display name forever? Or do you consider the whole effort to be useless by now, to react by doing...?

1: But not a duplicate of Checking in with moderators that suspended their activity, as this question addresses a completely different set of community members: the moderators!

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