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Rand al'Thor
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"Puzzling" and "Workplace" Stack Exchange have annoyingly similar icons

The two SE sites "Puzzling" and "Workplace" have annoyingly similar icons.

enter image description here

enter image description here

I have repeatedly gotten confused while looking at the sidebar section with questions from other SE sites due to this.

I also feel like neither of those two icons actually represent the site in question very well, they're just colored swirly thingies without any meaning to them.

Considering that many SE sites do not even have an icon and just use a speech bubble with an abbreviation in it (looking at you, Biblical Hermeneutics!), I realize that creating a 32x32px PNG is very hard work and might be too difficult for a mom&pop website like this, but here's my proposal for more clear icons:

  • a jigsaw puzzle piece, or a Rubik's cube for the "Puzzling" SE site
  • a wrench, or a stylized PC workplace, or maybe a factory, for the "Workplace" SE site.

The communities involved can probably come up with better suggestions than mine, I mostly made them to avoid comments in the style of "yeah, let's see YOU come up with something better". And FWIW, I have actually read a handful of questions on both of these communities.

Addendum: Because many puzzles have fairly abstract titles to intrigue the reader, it is even harder to distinguish between the two at a glance. And while the Moebius strip on the "Puzzling" SE site is definitely a very nice touch, it also isn't really recognizable at standard icon size.