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Trigger for "Back In My Day"
Resistance Is Futile
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Secret hats for Winter / Summer Bash 2022

Over 9000!

Collection Complete

Not Found

Visit the /404 page for an SE site (confirmed by Catija)

Heads up!

Raise a helpful flag. (confirmed by Catija)

Back In My Day

Vote on an old question.

X Marks the Spot

Get three other secret hats on one site. (confirmed by Catija)




Everything Everywhere All At Once

Emperor's New Hat

This Is The Way

Thomas Mensah

Complete 10 Close votes reviews.

Albert Einstein

Complete 10 Suggested edits reviews.


I'm Okay...

Mario Molina

Running Up That Hill

Defender of the Unicorn

Glorfindel Mod
  • 251.9k
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  • 1.3k