So from this question, its two answers so far and their votes I take it that *search keywords* in the `<sub>` form at the end of a posting are not favored by the community.

I would be curious about **where you see the disadvantages** (I couldn't find any in your writings, only opinions and alternatives, which is fine). I figure you see it as distracting non-helpful clutter for the reader who *has already found* the respective thread? To alleviate that, I made them small and put them at the and after a double blank line. Taking that idea further, one could make them effectively **invisible** by nesting enough `<sub>`s:

> <sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub><sub>One could make them much smaller so that they're not readable anymore, but the strange looking result might possibly proove even more distracting</sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub></sub>

Having the browser zoom at 100%, the text disappeared with 15 `<sub>`s for me. To make sure, one could go for 30. Sounds crazy, but why not?

Another option would be an **HTML comment**. With this answer post, I will test if [Google][1] and the [SO search][2] will pick that up: (--> <!-- invisible search keywords test: invisibleSearchKeywordsTest -->  <-- Invisible HTML comment is invisible (except in the source [code][3])!)

EDIT: SO search doesn't see it. (Google hasn't indexed this post yet.)