All of those questions you cite are 4 years old.

They were acceptable then.

Now, if they were asked, they'd likely be closed as a duplicate, or as requiring minimum effort.

Those questions are still open simply because they haven't been closed by the community. It only takes 5 votes.

As it stands, we (moderators) are not in the business of cleaning up old posts until we've got a handle of the tens of thousands of questions asked per day currently.  I would not recommend flagging these with a custom flag ("Other"), rather, if you don't have the votes to close, you can flag it for closure, and then it goes into the Review queue.   

If the community wants to go back and clean up old posts, that's up to the initiative for that group of people.  But really, if it's not actively hurting anything, why does it matter?

[Even your own question][1] you cite(!) is still written well enough to 'get around' that requirement.  It's got a good answer, it isn't a glaring eyesore, so it's still open.  

If the community wants to close it, they can always vote to close it. If you want it closed, you can always flag it for closure, and it'll be put into the review queue. If the community agrees with you, it'll be closed.