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We need to help non-English-speakers somehow…

I saw a guy from Portugal today attempt to ask a rather simple question. But the question was so horribly confusing that he started getting down-voted, and close-voted. After discovering where he was from in his profile, I invited him in the comments to ask his question in Portuguese also - this was clearly easier for him.

Considering how many people we have from Brazil, Portugal, and others who understand a great deal of other languages, why can't we help these people a bit more? Maybe I'm just a bit too mushy, but they are people too and they deserve just as much help as anybody else.

Is there no method of assitance we can implement that will open up Stack Overflow to the rest of the world? So many of us here are willing to assist with other languages, and thus reach out to others who haven't felt the pure benefits of Stack Overflow-involvement.



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