I'd like to suggest StackExchange sites relabel the "flag" link and call it "appeal" once a question is closed.

I've had my share of questions on the various StackExchange sites closed for being "off-topic", or because, "This question already has an answer here". In some cases I'd like to appeal to some panel of judges that rules over the StackExchange universe. I understand the "flag" link appears to have been designed for this purpose, but can we relabel it once a question is closed? It would be nice if it said, "appeal" instead. Makes more sense. 

I think the term "flag" is more appropriate while a question is still open and fault hasn't yet been found with it. Then it would make sense for the fault-finder to click "flag". The fault-finder found fault with the question and he wants to flag it for moderators to review and maybe either initiate an edit cycle or close it down.

But once it's closed, the people who are more likely to express some disagreement they'd like to *flag* are usually either (a) those who wrote the question originally and are upset with how it was closed, or (b) other readers who might tend to agree with the question's original intent and disagree with the moderators who closed it. They want to *appeal* the decision to close the question.

So, how about we dynamically relabel the "flag" link and call it "appeal" once a question is closed?