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##Who are the Community Managers?

There are currently five community managers. They are:

###Robert Cartaino

Robert Cartaino's network flair http://stackexchange.com/users/flair/92c1c9da2a264604a58bff3795af4920.png

###Rebecca Chernoff

Flair for Rebecca Chernoff http://stackexchange.com/users/flair/3f0eac821801410db334234c18ddeeeb.png


The network flair of Shog9 http://stackexchange.com/users/flair/f29cc355f1bb4a008135233735f1ceba.png

###Grace Note

Network flair for Grace http://stackexchange.com/users/flair/30498037168a4055a8490c31c2b1d863.png

###Aarthi Devanathan Network flair for Aarthi http://stackexchange.com/users/flair/453252.png

##What do they do?

They help you out. No, really. But yeah, that's about the most generic non-answer ever.

They review proposed sites passing through Area 51, revising, raising concerns, closing, destroying, and preparing for their launch as the situation warrants.

They moderate brand new sites as they launch, answer questions and attempt to communicate lessons learned on past sites. They appoint the Pro Tem mods, and hand the site off to them.

They're the navel of the SE administrators, always available for gazing.

They watch the various and sundry meta sites, answer questions, address or escalate requests and provide guidance in the use of the site's tools.

They occasionally answer emails.

They review moderator actions, offer advice, resolve disputes.

Now and then, they sleep. One eye open. Like birds.

##Are they the same as the Community user?

No, they are not. That is a special user that even has its own tag, .