I've encouraged our mods to create a new account and try to get to 200 rep on their site as something fun to do, and an exercise with keeping in touch with how it feels to be a low-rep user. It's not mandatory for them to do this, we ask an _awful lot_ of them already, but it's more strongly encouraged if you work here.

For _testing_ purposes on our dev tier, we have the ability to just become any 2k, 3k, or even 10k account that we want; contained nicely in a sandbox. That's how we test new features. 

But the best way to get the _experience_ along with the UX the user sees is to just use another account for testing. Just ask [Eggs McLaren](https://stackoverflow.com/users/8/eggs-mclaren?tab=profile). If it got to the point that a mod needed to be a user with 200 rep in order to figure something out, it would be a _lot_ easier, and a much better use of their time for them to just ask us and let us know what might be going on.

If we let mods troubleshoot stuff to the degree that we do, they'd _do it_, which means we've inadvertently asked for more of their time. I'm not quite comfortable with that, the tooling should allow them to get more done in less time, with fewer clicks.