As a moderator, sometimes it's nice to defer a flag but not have it in the mod-queue. There are various reasons, but the simplest is that if the (1) count is static, you kinda gloss over it, but if it disappears today and reappears tomorrow, we're not going to gloss over it as often.

This is particularly useful when **true resolution** of the flag depends on actions from other users. You sometimes need to give people time to act on a comment the moderator left before truly resolving the situation. 

So, can we have a way to delay a flag for N hours?


_Given the following Q/A flag types:_

**Not an answer (NaA)**: Can be postponed, additional similar flags revoke postponement

**Low Quality (LQ)**: Can be postponed, edits revoke postponement

**It doesn't belong here (IDBH)**: Either it's game for migration or it's not. Same goes for OT. If it's "meh", put it on meta and dismiss the flag until concensus is reached via discussion (at which point you already have a link to it).

**Spam**: If the mod can't do something _right then_ then they should dismiss and annotate.


**rude or offensive (ro)**: Rude is usually pretty well understood. Decide or perish.

**not constructive / off-topic (OT)**, **obsolete**, **too chatty**: same as (ro) 

**other**: The only possible postponable one?

##For those that do postpone:

For those flags that do get postponed, we should set a limit on postponement. Since the easiest way is to see if the flag already has a previous postponement, trying to postpone a second time seems like the easiest check and sounds like a good starting point.

And if we go that route, maybe instead of a dismissal we can have a button to insert a canned response "I won't honor the flag for (NaA|LQ) until someone from the community tries to make this post better" or something. But the dismissal should still count as a dismissal (negative flag weight score). Canned responses often suck, but we don't need a lot of commentary here, just mostly "no, you fix it first, then ask me to fix it". Also consider including a link to the "moderators are human exception handlers, not the only fixit men on the site" ;-)

[Shog9]( [offers]( 

> "Hey folks, someone flagged this q as offensive to all senses - but strictly-speaking, I can't taste the rot yet. Maybe you spend 5 minutes and clean this up before the next guy flags, and I don't delete it with prejudice?"