I've provided some rough data on the scope of this problem [here](http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/149784/how-many-people-are-asking-so-questions-on-meta-because-theyre-question-blocked/161021#161021).

To that, I'd like to add that folks who post *programming questions* here on Meta after being q-banned on SO are generally suspended here, usually for a fairly generous period of time. There are currently 52 suspended users here.

The more I think about this, the more I dislike the idea of putting this in the FAQ, or on some other disconnected page. I have two reasons for this, one philosophical and one practical:

1. This *is* the support site for Stack Overflow. Someone encountering a problem *should* come here first for help. Being directed to an answer that instructs them what to do to resolve the problem is *exactly* what's supposed to happen. The exact details of the quality ban aren't public, but the factors that contribute to it are all influenced directly by the community on Stack Overflow - so in cases where someone *shouldn't* be q-banned, it is within the power of the community to lift that ban, and again this is where such reviews should take place. The very existence of this question and others like it indicates that y'all *do* care about this, and are paying attention to how this system is behaving - I don't think sweeping the effects of quality-banning under the rug would be healthy.

2. If we put a section in the FAQ (one that only applies to a tiny fraction of users, most of whom probably don't even *read* the FAQ) and in it direct folks to MSO, we're not really solving the problem - except that now there's no handy target for duplicate-closing.


Remember: q-bans are intended as a safety net for the community on Stack Overflow - an automated way to keep the folks who are *habitually* abusive and inattentive from continuing to waste the time of those here to help. It's *not* a warning system, or training wheels, or [purgatory][1] - there may be a place for such things, but this isn't it. It's a shame, really, that such a thing is even necessary - but the alternative is (and was) worse.  

  [1]: http://meta.stackexchange.com/questions/92939/i-think-stackoverflow-should-convert-to-catholicism-so-that-we-may-have-purgator